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  1. -colbert 12 says that land is already claimed by various countries, how does you plan access solvency -colbert 12 also says that the us has less military power than other nations and less ice-breaking potential. How will the plan overcome this? -is the claim in teh tag of staples 2 is true, then how -why does the us have to be a leader in polar science? -how are you claiming to get an enviro advantage by passing a plan to get oil (presumably the resource that nations are fighting over in teh artic") -if the aff can prove that there is a bigger internal link to science-diploamcy than the aff-should that cp win?
  2. This year, the Mercer Island Policy debate team is without a coach. Me and a few other students were interested in hiring a private coach that we could meet with on a weekly basis. If anyone is interested, please contact me at markopoloanderson@gmail.com with you info.
  3. sorry james, could you articulate? i see where you are going, i just cant think of any CPs that people could make up that cause GNW and extinction with other net benefits. Also, with that t explanation do you think that t really wont be winnable? we were given the idea by one of the best collage debaters in the nation in the last year who was in the top team at berkeley and he thought it was valid. The problem with running something like hsr and then reading neg arguments to that is that other teams on the negative can pull out answers to the das and case turns that we read saying that HSR causes war, so its much harder to win. What do yall think will be better in the end, the more questionably topical aff or the easier to counter one?
  4. sorry something i should clarify, we are going more in the direction of the wipeout that reads that humans are going to destroy the world and then move on to new frontiers in space in their conquest for survival. We argue that because they are going to destroy the world anyways, we must eradicate humanity now so that they cannot move into space and we can stop their reignof destruction.
  5. goodness gracious this mills character is just a goon!1!!
  6. Thinking about running a spark/wipeout aff for this upcoming year. Though i might post an outline of the aff and see what you guys think/what you would run against it to prepare against that. so the idea is that we increase the amount of nuclear silos in the United states. If you are wondering, I believe this to be arguably t because of the anatomy of a nuclear missile; there are 2 components, the missile and the warhead. The missile acts as the transportation, and the warhead is the goods that are moved around. Then breaking the NPT (nuclear proliferation treaty) causes war with russia which then leads to extinction. Then we go on read wipeout. If you arent familiar with this argument it reads that humans will destroy earth, and in their efforts to survive, expand to new frontiers in space. The only way to stop humans reign of destruction is to exterminate them. I have fixated some solid answers to things like security, ext-bad, and some basic t(although i acknowledged that will be problematic) but what else do you think we should be add or be prepped for?
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