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  1. If your solvency mechanism is PSGP, the PSGP funds the counter plan
  2. Yes. Well either that or just building the roads, but probably both.
  3. eagle1486

    Highways Cp

    Does anyone know where I can find something on creating a CP around highways or roads? Its specifically about the creation of a port in Alaska and a lack of roads.
  4. eagle1486

    Ugliness K

    Hey does anyone know where I can find an ugliness K? I havent been able to find one and i dont really know how to find cards for it either as I have never seen one
  5. Once, I was debating a team in AUDL that was just terrible, and they seemed to confuse the distance from Earth to the Mars with that of the Earth and the moon. So when i ran out of cards to read, I found an expo and drew a picture of the relative locations of the three objects. I said "This is the Earth and this is where were going, the moon! In no way shape or form do we access Mars!"
  6. Once, I was debating against my current partner on colonization in a type of workshop. I was neg, she was aff, and when I was crossexing her, I asked "Isnt the private sector a big part of space exploration? Dont they comprise the majority?" To my suprise she said yes. I then asked her "Then why can the federal government solve if the private sector has more funding?" She replied "Well the private sector can solve." I then asked "Well then why does your plan make sense?" She got REALLY confused and realized what just happenned. The judge and everyone else flowing started laughing uncontrollably and had to stop time. Another time in camp over the summer, I was debating with a kid i had met in camp. He was speaking and his time was almost up. He ran out of cards. I was like its cool just sit down. He said something along the lines of "NO. I GOT THIS." Three seconds left and all I heard was "soon we will all be speaking mexican."
  7. You can probably find a card that says if the Russians were more interested in relations with the US, they would finally vote in the UN to aid the Syrian rebels or something along those lines if that helps.
  8. Well in verbatim, you could use the pocket macro to put your cards in below your block headers, for which you could use the macro hat. I think hat>pocket.
  9. Screw you Space Elevator topicality, you have been conquered.

  10. Apparently, nothing military is topical.
  11. Hi guys, I'm cutting a new space elevators aff for this year. If any of you guys find cards that have topicality on this, please tell me about them. Thanks! I would be willing to trade a few arguments for this T. I have five right now
  12. eagle1486


    Yes, I do believe ROROs are in the squo, but we focus on large ships.
  13. Where did you find that urban transit aff? It sounds pretty interesting. Also, at camp, they said that waterways would hit a lot of Ts so prepare for that if you run it.
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