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  1. I need help finding some really solid cards about how human rights are very important and must be preserved. Impacts that go along with preserving human rights are also very good like...Violate human rights= nuke war etc. Im on a time crunch or I would be finding them myself. Anyboday can help please do!
  2. I need answers to blood quantum. I need stuff like blood quantum good, blood quantum alternatives etc. HELP ME!!!
  3. I need a card that talks about universal healthcare rejecting capitalism. I know its kind of obvious but my lab leader wants me to get one.
  4. Im at Scfi and im in LD. Im looking for some help on Ks. The topic we are doing is the united states ought to guarantee universal health care for its citizens. Can someone please explain Ks and tell me some that would work good with this. Im thinking about running feminism. Thanks
  5. Im at SCFI and in a few days were doing a lecture on meta ethics ill send you the note and lecture
  6. Praised my opponent for creating anitmatter! (this was 3 years ago)
  7. What school do you go to?
  8. What is the best summer debate camp for an LDer?
  9. What event you do?

  10. Lets start a strictly LD post- lets trade ld evidence and ideas.
  11. Anyone gone before? Anyone Going this year?
  12. True of good debaters, others are just wannabe hipsters and nerds
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