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  1. Mild mannered reporter by day, afropessimist superhero by night.
  2. Wasn't my first choice but as long as it's not russia, #420blazeit
  3. DS9 is better than the rest, I'll give you that, but come on- Nextgen was the bomb.
  4. Spreading isn't built for public forums, but my issue is more of the fact that they took sound bytes of the debate and blew them up with doing no research. Also the comments regarded Ammena and Korey as "retarded, autistic, stupid, not-well presented", which I take great issue with. It's a huge fault of the news report but there's gotta be a question in your mind :"huh, how did two girls just say nigga and win a national debate championship? Maybe I should do some research to find out!" Then the racist comments. The racist comments. Captain Wilderson is sad! Edit- oh and a fat comment! Isn't reddit just fucking grand?
  5. http://www.reddit.com/r/cringe/comments/24py6m/black_university_students_fervently_stutter_about/ It's like drowning in a sea of stupidity and close-minds.
  6. I don't think it negates the ability for white bodies per se to engage in the method. I know plenty of white bodies, mainly from the debate space, who are very intelligent and can really engage in this dialouge. It's just that white bodies have been conditioned in civil society to deny their privilege and accept other differences with the condition that they be like them in some way. This certainly does not negate white participation, but it does make it harder. If you wanna see some white bodies who are very involved see Tim Wise and Jane Elliot. Again there is a huge solvency deficit as in the squo, niggas are often internalized and create destruction more in their community than in the white civil society. I think it's a step in the right direction, but I don't think anyone will dispute the idea that a true revolution takes place more epistemelogically,
  7. That first part was an answer to the first paragraph, and same with the second part. I don't know how to work cross-x
  8. Again not just one time period- it's still going on. And this is gonna blow up cross-x.com that a wildersonite is saying this- but topicality. The original article was about black authenticity, Now, as to "the entirety of civil society working against you," that just strikes me as false hyperbole. There are definitely kids who get screwed by the system; I've represented one of them in a CPS expulsion hearing. But even then, it wasn't "the entirety of civil society" working against him, it was a few asshole fellow students, an incompetent dean, and the unfeeling CPS bureaucracy against a number of supportive teachers and volunteers trying to help him. When I go to each CDL event sponsored by charitable giving from big corporations and law firms like Allstate, McDermott Will & Emery, and others, I don't see civil society arrayed entirely against black people--I see a lot of volunteers trying to do their best but can only do so much to help. Again it's not just a question of black participation in the castes of society, which definitely is an occupation of oppressed bodies, but why they do that in the first place. Nigga identity and nigga authenticity are the true questions. If members of society were truly so altruistic, then all the issues listed above wouldn't be so in the first place. And if you don't see the world attacking black bodies then you need to open your eyes or get some glasses. Well, what does that mean, "white civil society will let them be nothing but a w-4, a prison number, or a john doe?" The government won't let me be anything but a W-4, except to the extent that I get to represent clients in court because I'm a member of the NY and IL bars. Do you mean that society views such people as nothing but unskilled labor or criminals? Behaving like criminals validates that societal view! It's the immature attitude of a teenager--"Well, if you're going to treat me like a criminal, I'm going to act like one!" And it's circular--teachers start out ambitious and burn out quickly when students refuse to be taught. Making matters worse, it only takes a few troublesome students to ruin an entire class; I'm sure you've had that experience. The kid who refuses to obey rules or be educated ruins the opportunities of his fellow students who want an education. Black bodies are the victims here. And this goes back to how white epistemology has always invalidated black experience and black thought as they are considered either stupid or violent. A question of methodology provides a vehicle of violence in order to cause some resistance at least, cause what else are black bodies to do? And why do they burnout because the kids have been reinforced their whole lives to believe society won't accept their identity so either assimilate or die. 2nd it is a bad teahcer who gives up on their students. Yeah there are people who ruin classroom settings for other people, but why? It is largely an independent case but the group we're talking about has been demonized by societal standards that tell them they don't belong in an educational setting. Why do they have to stay in a class that treats them like shit? Let's define what we mean by "social death" (not a trivial question; as far as I could tell it became the focus of the TOC Round 7 between Prep DK and Glenbrook North DK), and see what we're actually talking about here. Do you mean that it's a way to become accepted by some society, even if it's a dysfunctional one? Well, yeah, that's why gangs form among all minorities, not just blacks--the same sort of thing happened in late 19th/early 20th century New York among Irish, Italian, and Jewish immigrants. But as a personal ideal, it's one that ends in an anonymous death after a long rap sheet, not a happy and content life. Society will consider your cause very differently if you claim to be a political prisoner depending on whether your crime was marching in a civil rights rally (MLK) or murdering police officers (Mumia). I think that framing is sufficient, essentially what I said above that either your identity is systemically eradicated or your body is is an ok framing. On the cause question- The fact that only one of those is deemed legitimate or acceptable by society is a problem. One is interaction with a system, the other is engaging in warfare. I think the question becomes more of pessimism v optimism obviously and whether or not that society serves you well. If you kill that cop in self defense is that not justified by civil society? When you declare war on white supremacy, you convince white people to defend themselves with violence. However, when you make white people ashamed of white supremacy, they back off. That's the lesson of MLK and Gandhi, and the negative lessons of Mumia and the BPP. And when do they become ashamed of it? In every time period, white people always concur that there is some sort of equality going on. During the 1960s white people in massive numbers said "there's no race disparity in america, black children have every right white children have." Just look at miros post of that god-awful article where people are saying "yeah there's no white supremacy." This has been going on for thousands of years, power does not listen to the voices of the oppressed until those who are oppressed start to hit back. Even MLK and Ghandhi faught back, they just used economics instead of physical violence
  9. Not this year but last year we had a neg strat against a SUSTAIN aff 9 off. 6 ts a k and 2 das
  10. Also Squirrloid said something I wanted to dispute You said DS9 was the best Star Trek- I'm sorry, but nextgen is WAY better
  11. http://www.cross-x.com/topic/57119-good-article-to-read/
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