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  1. I'm not necessarily saying that you can't make friends outside of debate, i as well have many but attempting to make a casual conversation for me at least is quite difficult if I have been working on a lot of debate because I know that they will not understand anything I talk about lol
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  3. Social interaction with non-debaters = impossible
  4. Oh thanks I always forget to put that in the block. To clarify, it should probably be what you extend into the 2AR, as in it is what you will most likely win on and will be most persuasive. Its definitely good to read before then as well. lol
  5. Idk about everyone else but my novice year was when I learned to do decent research. I think i tried cutting like 5 different files and all of them were bad in some way but it didn't cost me as much because it was novice. Basically I feel like it is really important to let novice debaters experiment with and research different arguments they have come up with in preparation for varsity. IMO the in-round experience is only half of what debate has to offer.
  6. Perm and case outweighs are critical, probably what should be in the 2AR
  7. I'm Springfield Central and I would be happy to disclose, unfortunately I just found out that I have to take the ACT the weekend of Pattonville so I won't be attending. My next tournament will be sometime in January I believe.
  8. I'm from Southwest Missouri, but we travel all around the state.
  9. lol yeah sry I probably should have clarified. My coach is a '60s stock issue hardliner and in his opinion anything that isn't case or spending is stuff taught by college debaters in camps cus they have special judges and all. I hear a lot of coaches in Missouri have this opinion but idk. My brother debates in college so I get a lot of good advice but I can't really use it to its full benefit. What on earth?
  10. Executive order is undoubtedly the best. There's a lot of uniqueness for prez power too cus of all thats been going down with like Syria, Obamacare, etc.
  11. My partner and I used to read 8 min of neolib every round, even on the lay, and it would be a challenge for us to explain it well enough that we could persuade the judge. Our coach found out and is now one step away from us no longer debating. Basically, we can't read K's, CP's or politics because they are "college debate." Pretty much all fun from debate has been stripped, and now we are left with very few options. What else can make lay debate fun?
  12. The annual Pattonville tournament is coming up and as of now my team is going. I believe they always have coaches judging policy so it should be an intereseting pool. Who all is going?
  13. In Missouri I haven't seen a tournament with more than 30 policy teams for at least 2 years, excluding Liberty because I think teams come from all over for that. I think its because almost every tournament has 100% lay judges so it ends up being just a competition of who speaks better or makes better I contact. Teams no longer feel its worth it to work so hard just be to be voted up/down based on how they spoke, so they just embrace that part of debate and switch to public forum or individual events. I realize this "problem" has been around for pretty much all of debate history, but it seems especially true now, at least in Missouri, that the only possible good judges are from MSU, and they really only judge at their own tournament. Also a lot of coaches around here are in like a 1960s debate stasis where K's and counterplans are irrellevant to the case and speeding and impact debates exclude the average person. Our coach will kick us off the team without flinching if he catches us doing any of these things.
  14. Everything is expensive, that doesn't mean its exclusive. If the debate community is becoming more inclusive I do not think it is because of project or race teams, if anything I think them using their ethnicity/gender/etc. as a way to pick up a ballot hurts the cause.
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