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  1. "Snoop Dogg is from long beach not compton dumbass, I had to resist the urge to vote you down for that"
  2. I made it to nationals for US extemp, I didn't break into the top 60 but I would still like to know my overall ranking, we had to leave before the award ceremony, and our chaperon said that she would mail the results to us, but she never did. Is there any way to view the overall rankings online or something like that? "Freedom of Speech is the bedrock of all freedoms. It should be guarded with diligence and exercised with fervor. Sadder than not having the right to speak is having it and not exercising it." Tim Hollis
  3. My debate coach, Mr. Hollis, has been one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever had, he is one of the most successful coaches in our state, but his independent, outspoken demeanor has landed him in hot water with our administration. After he encouraged other teachers to speak their mind and assert their positions against the new administration's changes, they suspended him untill he took anger management courses. Needless to say Hollis didn't take this lying down and he's currently engaged in a lawsuit against the district and superintendent. (http://posting.arktimes.com/images/blogimages/2012/05/29/1338320529-swindle.pdf) "the lawsuit filed" (http://5newsonline.com/2012/05/29/fhs-teacher-sues-after-school-orders-anger-management-class/) "the news story) He has helped inspire me to pursue law once i get out of highschool, and he is looked up to by all the students and staff of our school. He is the NFL head of our Arkansas district, he won the NFL award for best new district head, and ironicly enough was given the teacher of the year award for Fayetteville High School last year. If you have any inspiring coaches please tell your stories and share your support in our fight to get justice for Hollis "Freedom of Speech is the bedrock of all freedoms. It should be guarded with diligence and exercised with fervor. Sadder than not having the right to speak is having it and not exercising it." Tim Hollis
  4. yeah, i've already cut a few perm cards for privatization since that'll probably be one of the most common neg arguments I'll be getting
  5. I have cards on the localized goverment saying that simply localizing gov wont solve the problem of an abusive state, I hadn't thought of the civ K yet, but I'll start blocking out answers for that now that you've mentioned it, and simply taking away one state monopoly wont solve for every instance of oppression, but some of the cards I've cut center around the idea that one breakdown of a state monopoly will cause people's personal philosophies in the US to shift which will in tern set up the ability to reduce state centered power, which will help stop state-sponsored oppression and dehumanization. And the plan doesn't specificly hinge on moving power from the federal level to the authority of the states, but instead dissolving state power to create a goverment system uncorrupted by state-sponsored ideals.
  6. though the plan won't reach true anarchy, it doesn't matter since simply attempting to implement anarchial esque ideas even with no success is better than letting the state oppression and dehumanization go without opposition, and the idea isn't just to decentralize federal power, it's to dissolve the power of the state. the goverment is just a social system of order, while the state is an entity of certain governments that's aim is to strip social power from citizens and oppress the people for their own state centered gains. Also it isn't necessarily the highway expansion that stops the oppression, but by moving expansion projects to non-state entities helps take power from the abusive state-system by removing the state monopoly on highway resurfacing.
  7. I've started designing an AFF centered around anarchist ideals that the state is dehumanizing and oppressive, so the plan consists of the USFG starting a federal lottery and then investing that money in private resurfacing companies to expand the interstate highway system. so far my contentions are "State power vs. goverment" and "The state monopoly" this is all I have so far, but if anyone has any suggestions, comments, or good anarchical philosophers/works it would be much appreciated
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