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  1. There a way to get them free?
  2. OnTopicAaron

    Badiou K?

    Does anyone know of any free Badiou evidence currently floating out on the interwebs?
  3. I kept begging my partner to help me write a Mobilized Prostitution aff... what? It could work...
  4. Thanks guys. I actually went with the Lenovo Ideapad Z570, and she's a charmer =)
  5. I'm looking into buying a LAPTOP (not netbook) partially because our school wants to go Paperless. (God knows why). And I need a little help. Looking at all the options and features and blah blah blah, just makes my head spin. So, I figured, why not go straight to the kids who can help. YOU GUYS! I know I need lots of R.A.M. and a large Hard Drive, but what laptops are you guys using for policy, and would you recommend it for someone else (Me). I'm a huge streamer, so that's why I view lots of ram as a must :/ probably wrong on that.
  6. I was a novice last year, and kinda just talked out of my butt all last year... and this years topic is even more confusing! So can you help me understand this a little more? Like what negs and kritiks can I run?
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