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  1. I've been having a moral dilemma regarding debate practices lately, namely whether or not it is acceptable to save another teams speech files they flash you in round so you can take evidence from them later. Personally I've always thought this was wrong and I refrain from doing so. But I've come to learn that more and more people tend to do this. It seems only fair to me that I should do it as well then, but because not all teams do it (and its impossible to tell which do and which do not) I would feel bad about taking evidence from teams who aren't taking mine. I figured a good solution to this would be if there was a way to prevent others from saving or copy/pasting my own files, so that way I can be sure others aren't taking mine and I'm not taking anyone's either. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  2. I stay up until one to hear the topic announcement, and nothing? I have no life.
  3. I'm a tad confused, a lot of the evidence says the flood happened in 2011, is it saying that the fixes that happened then failed or what?
  4. Penquin


    So as we all know, this years topic sucks. What sucks even worse is the neg ground on this years topic. The only disads I've seen ran at all or random trade-off crap, elections, and federalism. Nothing else. So to try an spice up this years topic, who's up for throwing some disad ideas out there?
  5. What answers do you guys usually use to oil market warming turns? The one that goes something like: Transition to alt energy causes oil prices to go way down, low oil prices cause oil to flood the market for cheap, causes more people to use massive amounts of oil, causes warming more than you solve. I know there are obvious answers like alt energy inevitable and such, but can anyone think of something more original or convincing?
  6. Was the round at dowling in question the one where I remember a judge in the break room with his head in hands, muttering to his friend "I just voted on ASPEC... I want to kill a baby. I WANT TO KILL A BABY!" perchance?
  7. This is the best Mead article. Think of all the creative ways you could use it when the other team dresses like sluts.
  8. Respond to the DA if you're neg? Do you mean aff?
  9. Not sure if its possible (I'm not a programmer), but if you could make it so you could link you computer with your partners and instantly get their flows from your own speeches, that would be an amazing alternative to backflowing.
  10. Although I don't like Mead very much either and his evidence is all grossly exaggerated, does anyone have any better econ impact cards to suggest?
  11. There are going to be like 17 states voting to legalize it for medical purposes soon, its pretty obvious we're making progress on the issue. I mean in all honestly when they say "medical" it doesn't really mean shit... http://www.cracked.com/blog/how-fast-can-you-get-marijuana-prescription-in-california/
  12. *sigh* Everyone where I debate seems to only go for the big stick affs - if nuclear war or warming isn't an impact then you don't have as good of a chance... But this does seem like a great idea... hm...
  13. Penquin

    Nuke Trucks

    Not seeing what you'd have for impacts and stuff, and the need for better highways seems shakey.
  14. I guess if you're investing it does seem topical, but from a lot of definitions I've read now its defined as information infrastructure, not transportation infrastructure. Drat. Well, at least we won't have to deal with any godawful lolcatz advantages...
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