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  1. I think it's ethically sound. When the time necessitates sacrificing process politics or some individual rights/autonomy, to preserve existence itself, rights seem pale in comparison. IDK, Sam would call me a fascist (which I am), but tldr; I think it's a decent, strategic argument
  2. Probably Khalilizad 2011. Because it's new, completely out of context, and unwarranted.
  3. absurdism is something my partner and I devoted tournaments specifically to debate it as a one off K neg strat. "The impact to absurdism", is more a debate about the meaning of life. Essentially, one would embrace the absurdity of life, to finally move past, traverse if you will, questions of the value of life, fear of death, and the threat of morality and impermanence of mankind's works. LIterature is mainly from James Park and other secondary sources (that i cannot remember...) and, predominantly, cites the works of Albert Camus. Albert Camus founded absurdism and articulated its differences from existentialism. I can send you a 1nc i read slowly. If you're interested just PM me
  4. if it was email then perhaps
  5. Well, you raise a good point. And truthfully, I do not know. I've heard that significance is probably the least important of the stock issues and only "old school stock issue" judges will vote on it..
  6. true, but significance is more of a mechanism to determine whether or not those harms are actually large or significant. Significance answers the question "are the harms of the affirmative worth our time to solve?"
  7. Mexico has a great space program, just watch south park. Man, they sent a whale to the moon for $200
  8. no one should be elected. A few should have greatness thrust upon them, willing or unwillingly
  9. The 1nc would consist of... Me yelling "fuck the plan" (its own piece of paper) Some subgenius-esque K Karl Rovish theory
  10. The best impacts are always going to be economic and ecosystem collapse/climate change based, when talking about the Gulf of Mexico.
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