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  1. My sleep schedule has been significantly altered and I find myself having a constant need of caffeine. mostly red bull and coffee.
  2. I have had similar things like the lay judge decision affect me in the past I judge voted on a new in the two solvency deficit to the plan arg, that wasnt even in the 2nr and then didnt even disclose his decision on why he did that action or even explain on the ballot how he viewed the solvency defiict answers. The community norms are very different and when they are combined into one it creates havoc for everyone, v4 teams get very low speaks and vss teams get upset with the judging situations. It hurts everyone and only makes the community weaker. I could see how it is very hard for you guys to attract new debaters.
  3. Problem is though that the WDCA doesnt include internal link D in the ev packets that the novices can use. Politics for the WDCA is very sketch to. Last year it worked because it was an elections DA. This year they choose to give the novices a immigration DA. Problem is there were two other politics DAs for the vast majority of the time while case restrictions were on (Syria, and Debt Ceiling), so the DA was virtually useless for them because a lack of quality updates.
  4. Im also from Wisconsin, the novices are not allowed to read new impact scenarios, advantages, etc until the November break away. Sadly this usually doesnt happen because everything is given to them, so they see no benefit to doing this. the WDCA usually releases a politics update once a month. The novices that I have coached actually dont have any clue what uniqueness is because they dont actually realize how the DA functions they just take the shell from the packet and read it. Alot of the time what happens is the varsity debaters or coaches do the work for them. I only started to learn basic things like cutting updates because I got out of novice debate my freshman year and went to varsity debate in late October of my Freshman year. It was only then that I actually started cut cards and understand debate. The WDCA makes novice debate a very tricky thing.
  5. CKAEVSS31

    Impact Defense

    This looks wonderful is it highlighted??
  6. I feel the only t argument that will be ligit is economic engagement. For the most part i see alot of dedev and cap k coming
  7. does anyone have any id be willing to trade a small file for some 2ac answers
  8. Think simple, then go big with the aff
  9. just have the 1nr go for t. If you really want federalsim it works the best with a CP. Otherwise go for oil. I used to be a 1n. Now i'm a 2n just have your partner go for politics it will make him better. If you want to go for an argument it will help you in the 2nr and will make your partner better.
  10. throw in a good DA and i will trade you for a concrete aff
  11. Trade off is the best option. Congress is down now so no politics or spending except elections. Go for a simple elections scenario.
  12. Aircraft carrier or a Marine MEU. Both are floating in oceans acting as bases. Already being done in the SQUO. The military right now solves for all of there offense on the flow. that is also a good answer.
  13. speed doesn't kill debate it was a thing that attracted me to policy over LD or PF. If you can't keep up that is on you or you can change your strat up some to stay in policy.
  14. The da was originally filed on the open evidence space topic.
  15. yes i know of open evidence. that is what i was referring to in my last post. I'm looking for the Epistemology DA. I found it there last year and it is no longer there or i have just missed the file i guess. if anyone can help or knows the link or can give me a copy of it that would be appreciated.
  16. I'm looking for some epistemology stuff that was on open evidence last year specifically the neg. does anyone know where it would be or where it went? Does anyone possibly have a copy of it? If someone can give me an answer it would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Northern Wisconsin Appleton East BK Appleton East BM
  18. Hey man I know that in'm the alt for mister t debater
  19. He is a healthy young senior. Not dead.
  20. Really now, Cho. Not the smartest post.
  21. I'm going to cut a new aff, Where i debate there are good judges, and then morons. Which so you think is better? A three contention aff with four impacts, or a one contention with multiple scenarios. Which can I get the most out of and so the judge will still understand it?
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