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  1. Watch out and make sure it's actually a critique of anthropocentrism and not agemben's criqitue of humanism
  2. EDIT: it's fine 2NR: It's T, but the order is a little off - there's an overview, then reasonability, then his overview, then straight down 2NR Vdebate.docx
  3. Here's the 1NR This is such a fast vdebate omg - probably because we have an unchecked executive lel 1NR Vdebate.docx
  4. Warfighting. The perm would have Obama give a big speech about how congress stopped his authority claims. It would send a bigger signal of defeat
  5. The warrant in your internal link for global economy is that people will leave the internet. That's a question of numbers, which is a question of demand. If there's another reason people will leave the internet, then they probably will leave since the internal links you've read all say trust is so important.
  6. Um we did pull out of Iraq... Hunter says the president talked to congress once and they want him do do it more and that if he does it more that would be good. Bell says he usually doesn't do it more. The one time was an exception, the deliberation DA had some perception shenanigans/args I would have made to get out of that if I was going for it. Yeah, the top half of the article is some complicated statistics stuff where he looked at temperatures vs conflict/armed violence. I don't remember the details but I can look it up if you want. I mean, I've made the argument that the bill in congress is making people leave the internet. It's your burden to prove the aff solves.
  7. That is in fact the 2NC - word isn't working on my laptop atm
  8. So the 2nc is done but I can't highlight or wc because word keeps crashing :/
  9. Sorry, the 2NC is done, I'm just having some laptop issues
  10. The aff doesn't affect foreign surveillance, right? Also, for your C/I of "1 uncondo and 1 condo" - all the internal links are just based off the neg hurting the aff, right?
  11. I'm going off this from CX: "some permutation of restrictions/redefining/removing s.214 and s.215 of the PATRIOT act, EO 12333, s.319 of the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2015" I thought this meant courts
  12. The link is that the plan causes the judiciary to get involved in the president/congress deliberation process. Having court adjustments to curtail Obama's NSA surveillance is bad. Yes, in the context of the disad, the judiciary is bad
  13. There's no politics because the straight turn for democrats is too good
  14. Ok, so it should be just under 2400 words. Order is 6, Framing, Cloud Computing, Economy, Internet Probably not what you expected EDIT: Forgot to attach the file, my bad 1NC Vdebate.docx
  15. Ok, I have a 1NC put together, so let me just make it smaller and I'll post it
  16. Sorry, one more thing. I forgot to ask the follow up to that Article II question. Article II of the constitution defines executive authority. It's what Obama interprets to mean he can do all the NSA surveillance stuff in the status quo. There are two normal ways to stop this. You can say the aff re-interprets the Article II provisions to prevent the NSA stuff. OR you can say that the laws passed by the aff are restrictions on what the president can do REGARDLESS of how the executive reads the constitution. Is the aff one or both of these?
  17. Btw is it ok if the solvency debate happens on the framing contention, or do you want to have it somewhere else? Cool. 1NC will be up very soon.
  18. Sorry, last question So as of the 1AC there's no internal link between US modeling and global adaptation strategies. Is that correct?
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