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  1. Message me or post a comment if there's anything you want to see in this file. This is maybe 50% of all the security k cards I have at my disposal, so if there's something specific you want me to add, let me know.


    This statement still stands if anyone's interested in me adding something

  2. Changelog:

    Added 2 new scenarios:


    Naval power - the defense is just generic defense, but the offense contains multiple warrants as to why naval power is just as bad as a "full-commitment" intervention. The cards are very good and indict the conception of naval balancing as independent of boots-on-the-ground style heg.

    Liberal Order - started to surface a bit now, but authors like Ikenberry, Deudney, etc write about "the liberal order," which is this large coalition of US-influenced (not led) democracies that cooperate and stuff. Sound impossible? It is. The cards are fantastic and indicate that not only does a liberal order fail, but we haven't even gotten to that stage in global politics yet. There's other warrants in the evidence too which can be used to great effectiveness.

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