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    This is an account named after the Author of everyone's favorite hegemony card. This account is used by our debate team to access the aid on the Cross-X website, so don't be surprised if the tone of some posts are different.
  1. My team plans on doing the same, when does it normally come out?
  2. I hadn't even heard of Cedar Ridge/Hill until this year.
  3. Anyone know what Saginaw's, Cedar Hills, or Crosby's aff is?
  4. My partner and I ran a Cuban Science Agreement aff that seemed to do pretty well at least in the UIL and NFL circuits. The current file I have includes a hand-cut 1AC and a ~50 page blocks file. The blocks are a little messy because we haven't run the aff since late November, but it's a pretty nice aff with some cool arguments if you'd be willing to trade.
  5. @Partner, if you look in the major masterfile and search "internet" youll find some cards we can use on cybersecurity and also what we could possibly run into. I'd prep out against ourselves, our masterfile has answers.
  6. QDDR stands for The Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review which would, instead of doing the plan through normal means, subject the plan to this council to ensure that it would be carried out to the fullest benefit to all parties involved. The only main problem with it is that, since it delays the plan and subjects it to further review, it loses on timeframe during Impact Calc. Other than that, it's a pretty good CP that dodges PTX DAs and perms. Nanotech is basically saying that further engagement with LA countries will spur the unregulated development of nanotech and that will lead to the destruction of the environment and to nuclear war. The DA itself is pretty good but we lack links for countries other than Cuba and our impacts and 2NC material is gravely lacking. Cybersecurity is just a PTX DA that we usually run with XO CP or QDDR CP, but it has some good impacts to lack of Cybersecurity. The main part of the DA that works is the focus link. Other than that it's pretty generic, so we need better evidence for it. That's the rundown on the arguments. If there are any specific questions, then just ask.
  7. Our state-qualifying tournament is coming up next week and we're breaking in some new negative arguments for our strat. They include the qddr CP, a nanotech DA, and the cybersecurity DA. Does anyone have any blocks and a/ts for and against these arguments? Any cards or logic would be great.
  8. So, my partner and I run embargo and we hit effects T almost every aff round. We can't find ANY answers to effects T. Anyone have any advice? Whether it's cards, logic, etc.
  9. I don't have anything on medical co op, but I may have stuff that could be applicable. it mainly just states that cuba would agree to science co op and that the relations built would spill over, but not much else. I know there was an open evidence file over cuban science, but i dont know about any other country.
  10. All my life I've been kind of a science nerd, so I've been looking into a Science Co Op aff for this year. Only problem is that the one I've created really isn't up to par. Does anyone have any good arguments that can go into a science co op aff? Any evidence or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I seriously don't know any either. I guess my coach is just suffering from pre-tournament stress.
  12. My coach wants to know the pros and cons of breaking brackets. As in, not letting 2 debaters from the same school hit in break rounds.
  13. As much as I'd love to go to UNT, I can't afford it. Hence why I said "My family is not ridiculously rich" I'll look into Baylor as well. And yes, I do love to speak fast. I'm happy it amuses you!
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