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  1. PM me your email and i can send you tons of impact files
  2. I need help seeing if the server is just down to buy the Thursday file, or if the credit card option just hates me. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Will trade or talk about a price with someone... Just message or DM me. Thanks
  4. I have a lot of nationals experience in PFD and I am doing some work for some other kansas schools. I a have sort of a different idea for this topic that could be run on both sides. Judges will buy some types of policy args at nationals. I went 3-0 running de-dev in PFD last year at CFL. If you are interested in a different strat just message email me. email: nolangoodwin123@gmail.com
  5. I have tons of stuff on natives. Impacts, CP's, K's... Just pm me and we can talk
  6. I found it and you should get it here shortly. It is the advanced level brief which is different from the regular one (obviously). It has more evidence than the other briefs and is a lot cheaper. I think it run's around $18.00
  7. I got it last year for NCFL and it was alright. I also got it for NCFL quals this year over birthright citizenship. if i can find it i will send it to you.
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