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  1. i have a k aff a kind of kapplar state pik but only out of the plan text
  2. any one have any generic answers to this i have been doing fine answering it but would prefer some suggestions
  3. MtownDB8ER

    Dwight Howard

    I have heard many rumours about where he is going to play next year, does anyone have any information about where he sis going to play?
  4. my overview is like story time i explain the k simply and then go down the flow answering argument. My goal is link analysis.
  5. look plain and simple illegalization is not stopping the problem. why waste money putting people in jail for a drug equvalent to ciggaretts. just legalize it and tax it trust me it would sell
  6. exact quote " i didnt understand what you meant by hiegemony"
  7. Who i am debating matters the most to me. I prefer laaptop but when I am debating a team that is too fast for my moderate typing speed i go on paper
  8. i am not going this year but i have gone and trust me its not hard to make friends
  9. I belive that in certain point of views an investment is only good in terms of money. Altough not all advantages are money related, it makes more sense for a better investment to be one that mostly increases money.
  10. look i agree terrorism is bad, but come on there has to be a limit or eventually everone becomes a potential terrorist
  11. Me running Spanos Frontier AFF at TFA state prelims Neg: Whats is a Kritik?
  12. poster child for abortion
  13. I need help understanding heigegger and Foucault
  14. I don't think speed kills debate. Personally i am a slow debater,but i do still find debate the most interesting event
  15. i know how dumb this makes me sound, but im just going to go out and say it can anybody explain Heidegger to me
  16. How far can America go to protect its' citizens, I strongly belive they have some right but i also belive there is a limit to what they can and should do. There is only so far they can go before they become a police state. Now i do belive that terrorism is a huge issue and it has to be dealt with but The govement has no right to spy and arrest innocent people.
  17. Is repurposing a good idea, i belive if there is no truth then we can easily redifine the way the word works with the world
  18. I always K Topicality so when they run a word pic I always get my theory argument always gets turned on me
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