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  1. Let's say I'm the 2AC, and one of the advantages of my 1AC is Heg (generic stops nuclear war and all impacts card). The Neg reads heg defense and an impact turn to heg (heg decline inevitable, multipolarity coming peacefully and solves extinction, unipolarity causes war+specific scenario). What is the most efficient way for the 2AC to respond to heg? What are some good analytical arguments to make in the 2AC? What arguments should you use cards for? Thanks.
  2. You are the research god.
  3. Looking for a card that says an effective STEM education force is vital to colonization of Mars (not the other way around). Thanks!
  4. Rawrcat

    This Year

    That sounds cool. I'm interested.
  5. Why hasn't the Egypt situation caused war? Or social unrest in China? Or Greece? Or Russia? Or Mexico (with drug war)? Or Northern Africa in general? Its better to be more specific with your impacts.
  6. Predictions for top teams next year: Glenbrook North Donovan/Knez (or both teams if they're separate). Stratford Hemanth/partner
  7. SDI always uses the same precamp files as GDS because of Hoya-Spartan. They did that last year.
  8. Is it critical or policy leaning? Is there a lot of education about the topic or is it more skills-based? How are the dorms (quality, AC, etc)?
  9. Will also trade for a fully blocked out False Heroism K. PM meeeee
  10. Banister's always bragging about how good he is...
  11. Can someone explain this quid quo pro engagement and conditional/unconditional engagement idea to me and how it interacts with the topic (specifically, the Cuban Embargo)?
  12. The topic paper by Stefan Bauschard and the State Department ev in pre-camp files says legal reform is considered Econ engagement, if t becomes an issue. As for advantages, I'm not necessarily sure, but the article talks about reducing corruption which would probably allow deterrence of violence and drug cartels. Also, legal reform would probably allow Nieto to further pursue his agenda, which has a ton of scenarios.
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