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    Still have the skills, just don't have the forum...
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  1. Well, we will have to see if I am really the answer, although I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you...
  2. Ha, yeah although I couldn't log into my old profile! Now I shall lose all of my street cred! haha I am the last bastion of the Worland CX "Dream Team 1": Justin Waterworth/Mike McDonald; a legacy fading in the state of Wyoming... It is pretty ridiculous to look back on all the crazy stuff I have said on this thing. I was a little asshole back then! Now I get to be a lurker, which is fun in its own way. I'll be returning shortly to the WY in search of a new teaching job where I can have a beer after work and on weekends and roads exist to take me to and from town. Living in AK has been an adventure, but I am dying to unleash my plethora of knowledge onto the minds of the youth and get CX started again. I almost choked on my coffee when I looked at the WY State CX results from the last couple of years and noticed that CheyEast has nearly collapsed upon itself. Are there even any teams left from that corner? I saw a couple of 1A/2A schools in the Quarters, which is great for competition, but the NFL needs its juggernauts, much like the NFL needs its juggernauts, ya dig? This thread should make you sad, Chaos; you live in the nuclear destruction of what was once the Golden Age of CX... during the time when a Mountain Dew-driven all-nighter meant the difference between glory and gloom, a best friend at base camp became your worst enemy in front of the judges, and the total destruction of the world by microwave technology could be avoided by calling upon the Captain Planet CounterPlan.
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