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  1. cough cough this isnt the official predictions thread
  2. I would like rainbow sprinkles, and I want them delivered by the Walter brothers.
  3. Especially when approximately 10 camps put out his aff. "oh trust me, it's different."
  4. Officer Tom is the only person in this thread that understands grammar. Oceans is a collective noun and the object of the resolution. The"s" on oceans doesn't change the "how" but the "what" the usfg is acting on. Topical action has to be exploration and or development of the Earth's oceans. There is no more textual precision beyond that. It doesn't matter what the Earth's ocean as long as Oceans are involved. Demanding specification or a specific number of Oceans is the same logic behind aspec.
  5. What templates do people us e? Does anybody have some super awesome template they want to share?
  6. Gdi 2013 alum here Expect what you put in. All of the scholars lab leaders are amazing, and if you work hard they'll work to make you better. The extension week is great if you got the $$$. It's a week of skills training. The lab leaders will figure out what you suck at and work with you to make you suck less. Partial meal plan. Have fun and work hard. Always push yourself and you'll get better.
  7. Yellow Rose District: Midway - Bell/Hall Mildred - Dulworth/Stone UIL NFL District: Athens - McDonald/Mikkelsen Athen - Estep/Green Lindale - Wolter/Gustafson
  8. Seriously kids. Most teams will openly disclose and flash you 1ac cites if you just reciprocate.
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