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  1. I don't really want to get involved here but yah Zach's 2NCs are very very good
  2. still having trouble like when ever i put a verbatim document for a speech and save it to the flash drive. when my opponents open it there is no highlighting in the document however when i take the evidence and put it into the normal template all highlighting shows up and all is good.
  3. @dust, how would somebody do the underline + highlight thing. @jony what would the right folder be? btw great idea ill try it out Thanks for the help If i just edit i doc on my lap top with verbatim and then close the doc and then open it the highlighting is usually gone doing that
  4. So Recently i just had to reinstall Microsoft Office/Verbatim on My Computer. whenever i am cutting cards and highlight them the highlighting will stay there but if i am in the template and i exit out and reopen the document none of the highlighting will be there anymore (yes, i do hit the save button). Please Help
  5. how is it non-inherent?
  6. Can anyone explain to me how elims at nfls work? i have seen that teams can lose an elim round but stilll advance to the next round how does that work?
  7. if im not mistaken conditionality is conditonal
  8. no offense man but woodward ss ran mars so
  9. cuz i have boss blocks. i may have misinterpreted the original post. i thought he was making a kritik for njfls
  10. dont bother cutting a kritik cuz im going to win njfls.
  11. i agree with what the first judge but specifically. The neg is winning on the baudriallard stuff but the indict does it for me as well as there being left down to case. i vote aff honestly against any critical/perfomative aff id just go f/w all day
  12. i don't understand dng because i havnt read it so i dont do that
  13. I'll judge. I will listen to anything and will let you frame the debate how you want. K- Like them. i'd like to see every team run K,cp,da,t if possible. If you are going to run them, explain them to me about what the kritik is about and how the plan links (especially for more complicated Kritiks). I'm not familiar with most of the literature but again i do like kritiks. K Aff- again, explain to me the thesis. T- i'll vote on it. I default to competing interps but reasonability can be convincing if the aff is actually reasonably topical. Otherwise, run whatever T violation you want and i'll vote on it. Even go for potential abuse Theory- anything's fine usually default neg unless there is real abuse and aff points it out. DA/CPs- Anything's fine. In sum, run what you want/what you are best at. Any arg is fine with me. Let's have a good debate
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