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  1. Is this for the LD topic?
  2. Does anyone still have access to the Lev thy neighbor file?
  3. Dust46

    OOO K

    Hey everyone I need a blocked out OOO K. Have lots to trade. PM me
  4. Hey Everyone, I'm looking for an Ableism K thats blocked out. It doesn't really matter what topic its for. Have lots of files to trade PM me
  5. Hey everyone, Dougherty Valley HS in northern California is looking for a policy coach. The school is in San Ramon which is close to San Francisco / Berkeley. Experience required. Should be a current or former college debater, or have debated policy debate in High School. Should desire to work with a diverse group of varsity policy debaters, watch and critique practice debates, instruct in technique, help prepare evidence, and attend many tournaments as a coach/judge. We will discuss a contract if you are offered the job. Please contact Taha Ziaee DVHS Forensics taha.m.ziaee [at] gmail.com
  6. Hey guys, I've been doing policy for a couple of years but this year i just wanted to try LD for a couple of tournaments. Im in the Cali circuit and intend to run a K aff at Presentation and CPS this year. Alot of LD kids at my school tell me that running a K aff in LD is very different than running it in Policy. What's really different? Is there anyone else that ran a K aff in LD and can tell me their experience? I know that LD has alot more theory and that some judges aren't open to it but other than those stuff, is there anything else to expect? Also on a side note, i also intend to go 1 off K when i'm neg. How does that work out in LD? Thanks in advance for all responses
  7. I'm interested too. Lots to trade. PM me as well
  8. Dust46

    Lacan K

    Hey, I'm looking for a homecut Lacan K. Have lots to trade. Pm me
  9. Thanks Facade2525 and Carvar for the input. Our school just created a Policy team and we don't really have a coach so yeah it would be awesome if anyone was willing to trade.
  10. Hey guys, I'm interested in running Lacan next year and a friend of mine recommended i read " lacan and the political" by yannis stavrakakis. The book is available for 50 dollars online and i can't really afford that. Does any one have a pdf or ebook version i can borrow or is there another way to access the book in order to read it? My local libraries don't seem to have it either. Thanks!
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