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  1. On my other account which I use the most when I enter my log in information it logs on as if it worked- no "username or password invalid". It redirects me to the home page but doesn't show my username where the log in usually is it continues to say log in. It basically acts as if i got my info wrong. Ive already tried changing the password and i got the emails and stuff but nothing works. Does anybody know what to do?
  2. Its not the impact though its just an advantage off of it
  3. Any one got gov legit impacts? Or gov legit is a priori
  4. I will be competing at Harvard in LD. Im from Utah and know to expect lots of lay judges. What is acceptable for experienced east coast judges. Are cards in LD taboo? Can i spew? Theory? T? etc please fill me in on the ins and outs of harvard and east coast ld
  5. What types of coaching would you be offering?
  6. logdebate


    Scfi (St george utah) went last year it was awesome experience and is probly the cheapest camp youll find
  7. Sorry i figured it out thanks for the great pic, but who are all of them
  8. Can you put it in a format that can be saved, and who are all of them. I reconize most of them but no all.
  9. Any one have any good debate desktop backgrounds?
  10. Do you need a bid to apply for an at large bid in LD? I know some events you dont but i dont know which ones.
  11. Does any body have the Vigilantism evidence from 2009 for LD. I would be interested in old cases, breifs, hand cut evidence etc. Willing to trade
  12. logdebate


    I mean like progressive, tradit mix etc
  13. logdebate


    Whats the Harvard tournament going to be like in LD? Im from utah and have debated west coast so im accustomed to most everything.
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