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  1. A DnG aff is pretty out there, man. I've never seen one. We just kind of read it in the 2ac if the 1nc is 10 off or something like that
  2. We get two worlds of debate here in Dallas. You have the TFA circuit that is more enjoyable ( but ridiculously competitive ). That's where you see the kritiks and spreading ( although strangely I've never heard of a performance being run on my circuit ). On the other side of the coin you have the UIL circuit. This consists of many a Stock Issues judge with a paradigm resembling Katsulas'. Some schools in the area don't even opt to send teams to district because they hate UIL that much. NFL distruct is different depending on what your district is like.
  3. What about it makes it awful? I'm assuming judging/amount of tournaments.
  4. Being from Texas, i took the abundance of tournaments and healthy debate climate for granted my novice year. I'm really interested in finding out how the activity exists across the nation.
  5. Holy crap! We could totally use this to make an argument that like, makes assumptions of the future to justify our advocacy!
  6. So i was thinking about cutting an aff on this, but i ran into what i thought was a roadblock (get it?). It turns out that the site where we were going to dump this stuff at (Yucca Mt.) was passed over for "geographic reasons". My question is where should the aff claim ti dispose of the waste? A completely new site, or is Yucca still viable?
  7. http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/2011-2012+-+Phoenix+Country+Day+%28AZ%29+-+Frea+Mehta+%26+Eric+Showers Pretty feasible/legit if run like this.
  8. Thanks man. If there's anything you need to finish up an arg you might be working on, let me know.
  9. I was kind of hoping for a complete file, but this could go somewhere. How many cards?
  10. I've been trying to hunt this thing down on my own, but no luck. If you've got some awesome file, that would be greatly appreciated. Just leave a comment with what you want and I'll see if i have the file you need. Lesser files are also welcome, but it might not be worth as much.
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