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  1. Does anyone know when KCKCC will be?
  2. RRR-Debater

    Big Disads

    I assume the impact is that we kill Jellyfish, meaning they can't sting right-wing hacks like David Cameron? I'd vote on it.
  3. Zizek is going out in the overrated eight tho yo'
  4. At the state tournament my partner said in CX that Hamas had nuked israel "a bunch of times". We had lay judges in the back, so we lost as soon as that happened.
  5. Hezbollah (He's ball uh) Hamas (Hey miss) Bataille (Buh tally)
  6. Cap k cap K all day. There are tons of great link cards about race/fem affs that can allow you to ignore the music completely, but their are also some alright music = coopted links out there.
  7. While it may be the FW of K debaters, it works amazingly well. Hell, it helped my partner and I beat numerous ToC bid teams this year including Niles West KC. Impact turns usually fail because the team you're debating will probably be more prepared and more knowledgeable on their impacts.
  8. Southern South Dakota: Kyle McKee and Zachary Person, Washington HS Jaedon Kroger and Connor Munsinger, Roosevelt HS Phillip Erickson and Seth Miller, Vermillion HS Northern South Dakota: Jackson Shriver and Maggie O'brien, Watertown HS Matthew Van Beek and Spencer O'Hara, Aberdeen Central HS
  9. I think the military T will be run, as I see many people trying to skirt the boundaries there.
  10. Can anyone tell me about the UGA tourney? I.e. how many teams usually go, what school got bids there in the past few years, are the judges K friendly? I've never been to a tourney south of Nebraska, so I don't know much about this part of the national circuit.
  11. Read the Capitalism Kritik. Word PICs are kinda dumb.
  12. Critical Neolib Aff, Critical Gitmo, and Policy Gitmo
  13. Next year I'm going to be a senior and I intend on going for the K. A lot. What are song good camps for seniors that put emphasis on the K? Preferably a longer camp, i.e. 5-7 weeks.
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