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  1. Said it last year, will say it again: Stratford OS. Hemanth has been dominant this year and Dylan got a lot a lot better
  2. also check out brophy's wiki they run a pretty nuanced version of this arg
  3. About the royal flows neg card- if you read the whole article, that section is about smaller nations, not the US, while the classic impact card is specific to the US.
  4. genocide and econ impacts don't tend to do too hot together, i'd pick one or the other
  5. Almost done with the 1AR, but i'm really tired, I need to finish it tomorrow. Sorry about the delay!
  6. yeah that works, thanks also no cross-x i don't have time right now or questions
  7. 2AC- http://www.mediafire.com/view/1owzk3wtk3j2z91/Speech%202AC%2012-31%208PM.docx Happy New Year ya'll!
  8. Cross-x First Violation- can't you assume it means US investment, considering I clarified in cross-x and it's part of the rez? Second- What about interconnecting the US and Mexico grids could imply other surrounding nations? Third- The solvency advocate indicates that after the US interconnects the grids- private companies will develop renewables, how does that violate your interp? China Disad- What about our aff develops UNITED STATES renewable energy? CP- How can those private companies interconnect our power grids? How do they solve international modeling? Whats the impact to lack of FDI inflow? That's it for now
  9. yo this cross-x is excessively long why don't we set a limit for later ones
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