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  1. Cap K and anthro have worked really well against it. Also there are soem good case turns for warming saying they will be increasing CO2 with all the maintnance that will be requiered. Also T Transportation infrastructure
  2. Ok so I get what it means to cede the political but how does the neg answer it
  3. Im just curious which states have a rep for not being very good, and why are they considered to be bad is it the debators, the judges, the tournaments, etc. all opinions welcome
  4. I see this phrase being thrown around alot but I am not actually sure what it means.
  5. My partner and I run a Fem K and we have been having trouble when the aff says perm double bind a) the alt is strong enough to overcome the small instance of the plan or the alt isn’t strong enough to overcome the tiny instance of the plan and therefore couldn’t solve on its own anyway. How should we respond to this
  6. I am a a novice from Idaho who is going to move to the open level next year. Should I go to the UTNIF skills intensiveor the 2 week Gonzaga program. Money is not an isue I just want to go to the camp that will help me the best.
  7. Im currently a sophmore enrolled at a 3 year high school. This year was my first year in debate and I did well. I competed in novice for first semester then moved up to the open level. I want to go to a camp that will make me a over all good debater and with a empasis on Kritical argumentation. I dont want to go to a camp that is longer than three weeks. I was thinking about UTNIF in texas. Is this a good camp and if not what are some other good options.
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