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  1. Washburn Rural is an early tournament that most of the top teams in Kansas attend as well as a few teams from out of state. It offers novice, 2nd year, and varsity so it's good for all levels.
  2. It is better to win turns DA arguments earlier in your internal link chain. For example if you have a China relations advantage that ends in nuclear war and they have a warming disad. It is better to say that that bad relations turns warming because we lose cooperation than it is to say nuclear war causes warming because the relations internal link happens sooner.
  3. You could stream it live, but I don't know if it's being posted or not.
  4. There was a file put on Evazon a little but ago that was pretty big, but I'm not sure of the quality.
  5. so you are saying it is a government agency, but it's not in the government?
  6. I really recommend Wake Forest's camp before UTNIF. At Wake you will do about 21 debates in 7 days. You get the best judges and critics possible such as Adrienne Brovero, Jarrod Atchinson, and Calum Matheson. It is entirely focused on improving your speaking, decision-making, and argumentation skills. It is also a beautiful campus to hangout on. Then going to UTNIF you will already have 21 debates on the topic under your belt and you will learn more skills and topic information at UTNIF. Being a better debater immensely helps you to learn more about debate, this sounds basic but you will pick up way more at UTNIF if you've already attended Wake. By the start of your season you have a good 34 rounds or so on the topic, which is a big helper.
  7. seems pretty topical to me. they increase investment in TI. I'm sure it's pretty expensive to destroy all of our TI.
  8. Ok so as far as the impact goes: You will want to have reasons why your impact outweighs theirs. Most people use probability, magnitude, and timeframe for this. You need to give the judge a lens to view the debate through because what do they do if you have a 6 month extinction impact and they have a 1 week 1 billion deaths impact? Next, you want to turn their impact. So lets say you have an economy impact and they have a hegemony impact. You would want to say that economic collapse turns hegemony, because in a financial crisis we won't have money to fund our military. That allows you to access their offense.
  9. It depends what argument this is. A disadvantage, kritik, case argument?
  10. You are not screwed. If they link turn, reading non-unique against yourself only gives them uniqueness for their turn. So if they say non-uq and link turn then you need to win at least one of those to keep them from getting offense, if you win uniqueness then you control the direction of the link and vice versa. If they impact turn: you can concede a non-unique, no link, or no internal link argument. If they link turn: you can conceded a no internal link or a no impact (be careful here, because they could just read more impacts)
  11. I agree with Tommy, you should be the 1ar. You can have pre written 2ACs to pretty much every argument you should hear. So you shouldn't worry about that too much. The major reason for you being the 1ar is that a 2ar can never recover from a bad 1ar. No matter how good of a 2ar you give, most judges won't evaluate it if it wasn't in the 1ar. However, no matter how bad a 2a is, as long as they have a good 1a they can usually extend the good arguments from the 1ar. Also, have pre written impact extensions, and probably impact turns DA type of arguments for the 2ar. Those alone can win a debate in the 2ar.
  12. I think there is a distinction between violence and then violence that causes international war. A guy might rob a store, but that doesn't mean we would go to war.
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