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  1. capitol debate is good, but they're probably still beatable
  2. dng k is the best thing ever... by the way, check out http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/2011-2012+-+St.+Vincent+de+Paul+%28CA%29+-+James+Fidler+%26+Laynie+Stephens for more ideas. cosmic egg is pretty damn awesome...
  3. Yeah, that's the MDA aff. If they read the really long plan text, its probably ospec. otherwise, it's to increase mda in space, and thats probably not topical too. it's based on advantages in like oceans in terms of ports and shipping lanes. They do have a cocaine advantage, somehow, but the internal link is really sketchy... it's probably not inherent either, because mda already exists... otherwise, it links to most things you would read on the neg...
  4. What can i do vs. Beacon's planet of junior brown aff? http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/2011-2012+-+Beacon+%28NY%29+-+Evelyn+Buse+and+Eleanor+Buse#Affirmative-The Planet of Junior Brown - 1AC at the New York City Invitational
  5. hi guys... thanks for giving us what we need blocks to i can tell you what we have lost on on the aff: cap k (multiple times) social justice trade off da (solves race through discourse) fem k biopower k da ow (extinction 1st, etc.)
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