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  1. Wichita East is Kelly Bye and Paige Smading --- East Kansas: Lily Ottinger and Jake Thomas Shawnee Mission Northwest Colin Dike and Patrick Bircher Lansing Jack Delehanty and Isabelle Smith Olathe Northwest Will Bledsoe and Spencer Mitchell Shawnee Mission East (Note: SME BM did not qualify through districts, recieved autoqualification due to 10th place finish at nationals last year) --- Three Trails: Alexa Kathol and Zach Novicoff Blue Valley Southwest Riya Rana and Susie Song Blue Valley Northwest Abby Fry and Dean Ziegelmann Blue Valley Southwest --- West Kansas: Calla Potluri and Alex Rivera Newton Julia Henry and Zoe Crater Hutchinson --- Flint Hills: Srividya Dasaraju and Nick Schroeder Washburn Rural Laura Nicolae and James Wu Washburn Rural Brandon Boyce and Caylie Ratzlaff Emporia
  2. This is incorrect. That's what fiat is. Durable fiat means that fiat last even after the plan gets passed. It's an answer to rollback arguments. In the context of OP - durable fiat is a theory argument which means circumvention arguments are illegitimate because they prevent the merits of the plan from truly being discussed. For the similar reasons which make fiat legitimate, durable fiat also can be justified.
  3. Oh god SMS just found cross-x...
  4. Does anyone know how to change your profile picture
  5. I jumped on the Snarf name change bandwagon. EDIT: if only my profile picture would actually change
  6. Hey reverse TPA won sems of CFL this year. EDIT: Granted, the other sems of cfl was won on a perm that disappeared for the 1AR.
  7. The annoying part is that durable fiat debates usually have to happen in the 1AR/2NR/2AR which means they're really terrible.
  8. I was worried about the Qatar pronunciation debate
  9. this thread is the definition of two ships passing in the night
  10. Oh I know, however, the most common one, the agenda ptx da (sometimes just referred to as ptx), is generally more accepted by most teams and judges than the Rider and Hastert disads which operate off of differing terms of fiat. We've (for the most part) come to accept Agenda PTX, however Riders and Hastert are more often theoretically disputed.
  11. no plan; did not read (jk)
  12. Well Skenn is pretty incredible at everything so that would explain that
  13. there's more when you add other kinds of politics DAs like some teams (GBN) do. Like Sacred Cow DA, the Hastert Rule DA, Riders DAs, and any disads with rollback components are all theoretical questions [dealing with durability of fiat etc]. The general agenda politics disad is usually commonly accepted and most theory that is read on it is usually a time suck or a cheap shot. I've only seen one team drop theory cheap shots (Logical policymaker, perm do both) against us, and they were losing all over the flow anyway (usually if you're dropping obvious cheap shots you're also dropping a hell of a lot more).
  14. True. Still fucked up though.
  15. You're at the jdi right? What's the evidence site for jdi this year?
  16. If not satire then maybe parody, or just a joke. My first view I was confused, but after scrolling down a couple statuses it was pretty obvious they were trolling. Like the neg fiat -> anarchy picture is definitely not serious. Added to the "judges have the responsibility to end the round if neg fiat is in the 1NC" it's blatant.
  17. I've never run Schmitt but basically he's the right wing K. He's about the closest thing you can get to impact turning racism without impact turning racism. He says us vs. them is good (like the cards ConsultVerminSupreme posted above, drawing lines in the sand between countries etc.) I suppose Schmitt is strategic for this year's topic because the negative is more right-wing than usual, and most left wing liberty loving authors (which have usually been more utilized by negative teams) probably think that curtailing surveillance is good (in some sense). EDIT: More info http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/schmitt/ Also I forgot, he was also like actually a supportive and outspoken member of the Nazi party so that's a thing you might have to deal with. I'm sure there are very long "AT: Schmitt=Nazi" blocks that exist or else nobody could probably read this K. Someone else may have to help you with the task of finding cards/articles, as I do not have a schmitt file. Many people above have pointed out files I assume will be helpful.
  18. No he isn't literally a Nazi but calling him one is catchy. He is a neo-reactionary and his "Dark Enlightenment" is pretty fucked up. Bartlett 14 Jamie Bartlett Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos, Specialises in online culture and the dark net. “Meet The Dark Enlightenment: sophisticated neo-fascism that's spreading fast on the net” The Telegraph January 20th 2014 http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/technology/jamiebartlett/100012093/meet-the-dark-enlightenment-sophisticated-neo-fascism-thats-spreading-fast-on-the-net/ "The neo-fascist bit lies in the view that races aren’t equal (they obsess over IQ testing and pseudoscience that they claim proves racial differences, like the Ku Klux Klan) and that women are primarily suited for domestic servitude. They call this "Human biodiversity" – a neat little euphemism. This links directly to their desire to be rid of democracy: because if people aren’t equal, why live in a society in which everyone is treated equally? "[that's not the whole card just part of it] Also there's a lot of obscurantism which occurs when debating teams that read Land. This card is pretty good on how his vagueness can lead to either misinterpretation or seduction of individuals into racist philosophies (whether you call them Neo-Reactionary, neo-Nazi or neo-fascist) Stanley 14 Tim Stanley, MA, Mphil, PhD in Modern History, “The 'neo-fascist' Dark Enlightenment is more sad than scary” The Telegraph Jan 22nd 2014 http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/timstanley/100255944/the-dark-enlightenment-is-more-sad-than-neo-fascist-scary/ PBM SME This paragraph is actually contained within a vaguely negative critique of white nationalism, but it's hard to tell it's intention because a) Land can't write and he appears to have a lot of sympathy for the discourse of "whites as victims". Land probably thinks that he walks a semantic line between reason and racism. But even just trying to do that is an indication of myopia and an invitation for Nazis to endorse him. There is no line to be walked between reason and racism. Racism and biological determinism are unscientific and immoral, and they have no place in a sane philosophy. Jamie interprets the rise of the Dark Enlightenment in terms of a resurgence of historical fascism. He maybe right. But I also think it's an insight into how desperate elements of the Right have become. They believe they've lost the battle for control of the West and would now like to withdraw from democracy altogether. Some are driven into the arms of Putin, some into the Far, Far Right and some up trees with guns. As such, the Dark Enlightenment is probably more tragic than it is scary. Or, at least, let's hope it stays that way. So yes, he's not a "Nazi" in the strict sense, and it is misleading to call him one, however, his Dark Enlightenment is still racist/sexist/generally screwed up. Also back in 93 he wrote for a site called Nazbol.net (standing for National Bolshevism) which may not be Nazist but is essentially the left wing version of Nazism (it came from the political philosophies of Ernst Junger, a member of the Nazi party). And finally, even if he isn't a Nazi himself, he is certainly radically right wing, and displays racist tendencies. The authors I've read on this question tend to conclude that even if he is not a Nazi himself, his politics and his readings can lead to extreme right wing/nationalist ideologies.
  19. SME DW (3 bids) would usually go 1 off framework. They rarely lost.
  20. so basically what you're saying is that the neg instead of killing the bee should've just killed themselves. #globalsuicideofhumanity
  21. should I post my nick land is a nazi DA (yes it even has UQ) again? I read it once and didn't go for it but probably should've (we still won on T Oceans).
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