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  1. Wichita East is Kelly Bye and Paige Smading --- East Kansas: Lily Ottinger and Jake Thomas Shawnee Mission Northwest Colin Dike and Patrick Bircher Lansing Jack Delehanty and Isabelle Smith Olathe Northwest Will Bledsoe and Spencer Mitchell Shawnee Mission East (Note: SME BM did not qualify through districts, recieved autoqualification due to 10th place finish at nationals last year) --- Three Trails: Alexa Kathol and Zach Novicoff Blue Valley Southwest Riya Rana and Susie Song Blue Valley Northwest Abby Fry and Dean Ziegelmann Blue Valley Southwest --- West Kansas: Calla Potluri and Alex Rivera Newton Julia Henry and Zoe Crater Hutchinson --- Flint Hills: Srividya Dasaraju and Nick Schroeder Washburn Rural Laura Nicolae and James Wu Washburn Rural Brandon Boyce and Caylie Ratzlaff Emporia
  2. This is incorrect. That's what fiat is. Durable fiat means that fiat last even after the plan gets passed. It's an answer to rollback arguments. In the context of OP - durable fiat is a theory argument which means circumvention arguments are illegitimate because they prevent the merits of the plan from truly being discussed. For the similar reasons which make fiat legitimate, durable fiat also can be justified.
  3. Oh god SMS just found cross-x...
  4. Does anyone know how to change your profile picture
  5. I jumped on the Snarf name change bandwagon. EDIT: if only my profile picture would actually change
  6. Hey reverse TPA won sems of CFL this year. EDIT: Granted, the other sems of cfl was won on a perm that disappeared for the 1AR.
  7. The annoying part is that durable fiat debates usually have to happen in the 1AR/2NR/2AR which means they're really terrible.
  8. I was worried about the Qatar pronunciation debate
  9. this thread is the definition of two ships passing in the night
  10. Oh I know, however, the most common one, the agenda ptx da (sometimes just referred to as ptx), is generally more accepted by most teams and judges than the Rider and Hastert disads which operate off of differing terms of fiat. We've (for the most part) come to accept Agenda PTX, however Riders and Hastert are more often theoretically disputed.
  11. no plan; did not read (jk)
  12. Well Skenn is pretty incredible at everything so that would explain that
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