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  1. When you talked about adding the theory and framework spikes, what was it for? I mean the certain situation, not the purpose
  2. I'm going to the VBI 3 wk. Advanced session in a week from now, thoughts? EDIT: Also I'm in Texas, what K lit should I be reading up on? Also, why can't the usual philosophers from CX not be useful in LD? I've heard of plenty of D&G and Baudrillard based cases
  3. So, I'm switching from policy to LD, due to lack of partner. How fucked am I on a scale of 1 to GeorgeBush
  4. NOTE from the authors: a-lot of the blocks are made from camp files, but compiled to be run from there. Trading the following (Transportation, but can be edited for any topic,) K-affs: Sexuality (D&G, Ballard) Rhizomatics(Stolen idea) (Deleuze, D&G, Dillon Can easily be edited for other rez's) Rhizomatics 2AC backup Metro 2033/Lobsters scifi narrative aff Metro 2033/Lobsters 2AC backup Hauntology (Derrida)
  5. And tons of back up from the healthcare topic.
  6. Why the hell did you necro this thread?
  7. No offense mate, but you had no clue as to the context of how these files would be used by me. I appreciate the advice, but it's annoying when others try to correct you on something not even brought up. I want the files in order to et a better idea how to frame the argument, not to directly run the files.
  8. Kritiks of Topicality, I always here of this being run, but don't have a file on it myself. I have plenty to trade for it, send me a ToC and I'll send you a list of what I'll give.
  9. Can you specify what you're looking for? Are you looking for a block?
  10. Okay, to clarify a fe wthings here. Heidegger doesn't say Technology is inexplicably a bad thing. However how we use technology in our ineractions with nature is what makes technology a bad thing in the framing of modernity, because it expands calculative thought, and makes individuals bare-life (Lacking of any ontological characteristics) and making us view things as ontic. The best alt would have to be McWhorter. And if anyways makes that stupid 'You used tech yada yada', Just say Alt Solves
  11. I'd like to read more into these types of files, PM a list w/ ToC'(s) and we'll work out a deal from there. NOTE: If it's an aff it has to include backup, anything from any topic is accepted.
  12. BUT the true question is, how does one measure measurements?
  13. Looking to go neg sometime. (I'm fine with aff. But tbh I'm always aff on this site.)
  14. DAnny, I has Ivory Tower for you, send me a list of willing to trade shiz.
  15. I can't guarantee Lay's will understand, but I have plenty of K-affs for this topic I'll trade. Send me a list of what you'd be willing to trade.
  16. 3 words. Deleuze. Deleuze. Deleuze. Deleuze. I lied, 4. Deleuze's criticisms of race are great. I ll expand when I'm on my computer.
  17. It's a card cut from Pg.16-17 of "Writing Diaspora - Rey Chow", it seems like everybody besides me has this card, and it's very much needed. It starts at: "Why are "tactics" useful at this moment? As discussions about "multiculturalism", "interdisciplinarity", "the third world intellectual", and other companion issues develop in the American academy and society -" And before you act like an ass about it, yes, I've searched all over the place, and I don't really feel like spending the $26 for the book when only pg. 17 is needed. Thanks guys!
  18. http://www.mediafire.com/?qwbb965vqgmouw6 3-off, case (all solvency) Message me when you have CX up
  19. Addendum: If utilitarianism is 'bad', what do you advocate is 'good'?
  20. Cross-ex: Why are "minorities" more/less valuable as human beings than others? By segregating 'minorities' as in your speech act, are you saying they aren't normal people? Are the above others? Are they below? How do you solve for KKK presence, or any other oppressive racist group located in New Orleans? Why is New Orleans more deserving help from a past disaster when people are still attempting to recover from Sandy? Why does state inevitability matter if you still promote the ideals of it? How do you make an ethical action with an inherently unethical actor? Is evacuation the only reason racism exists in the s-quo? Is racism the only oppressive hierarchical system located within the world? How do you solve for racism in one key area? Could I advocate the deconstruction of national racism and solve better for a wider range of human beings? Which 'races' are you saving? Are you segregating races? Is there a bus for African Americans and one for European Americans? (Follow up questions then the 1nc)
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