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  1. ...because being silent for a day is going to change the mind of a bigot.
  2. Well, this thread is mostly people talking about how insignificant, compared to other world events, the 'Boston Bombing' was and some odd parts arguing about the existence of human nature. No jingoism here...
  3. Yes, as humans have such a large brain, we don't have to unconsciously rely on instincts that are encoded in our genome. We can change the 'wiring' of our brains and make conscience decisions. (Which is one of the reasons why we have consensual sex, and don't go about raping. We have even gone as far to contradict the biological imperative, with some humans wanting to decrease the human population.) Humans are social creature, as humans are found in groups and all of which have developed language. We have even evolved the fusiform gyrus, now simply looking at another human, and humans only, has a neuropsychological effect. Also your body unconsciously responding to a stimulus (in this case getting poked [an irritant] in the eye, and responding by crying to get rid of the irritant) is not a social construct. Well, we are bad at math, as we evolved foraging in the African Savannah, never had to do math, and limited to contemplating objects of human scale. People invented deities as a result of trying to answer questions that weren't answered, or just asking the wrong questions to begin with. Having no knowledge of gravity or celestial objects, one might be tempted to think that a celestial body is a god (as we learn more deities become more abstract). Humans cannot live alone in a Savannah, so naturally the people who lived together survived. Another reason that we are in groups of people is that humans are aware of other people's consciousness and want realize how valuable other people are are. Even though different cultures only have a small difference, it can have a big effect (somewhat analogous to the small difference of the genome of humans and chimps). A different culture being able to peacefully interact (for non-transaction purposes) with another culture is relatively new. People respecting other people's cultures while putting every culture, including their own, on the same level is a social construct and the morality of which is debatable.
  4. This is one of the reasons I never actually joined debate. Most policy debater seem to have no genuine concern over the issues raised, and are just intellectual prostitutes.
  5. I'm guessing it's that terrorists can go back in time instead of trying to bomb us back in time?
  6. What bothers me is that Americans are more concerned over some celebrities sex life, the supernatural or how much fatter they can get, rather than world issues (like global warming, which a lot of Americans deny even though they are the main cause of it), humanism or science.
  7. I think what Hulk was talking about is that we can change (though we collectively as citizens/sheeple and taxpayers are supporting) foreign policy to condemn these 'millions of deaths'. Most Americans do not have any idea where on the map these places are that our foreign policy affects (let alone Boston) - which they support aggressively. There is a common belief among the uneducated that we are helping these people, whom do not have the capacity to contemplate western culture or democracy. Even worse, most believe that these 'animals', third worlders, should kill themselves. This dehumanization of the third world, and valuing people more based on their nationality, skin color, or the god that they pray to is obviously caused by capitalism, denial of a common ancestor and evolution, and the belief that the magic god fairy is high overhead. A quote from Jacob Bronowski comes to mind: I think it is ridiculous that we should be wasting our time on an issue that is inevitable, death. The people who died in the terrorist (or rather lonely, anti-social, on acne/depression medication, probably was raised by a single mother, spent too much time playing video games - completely not the result of poor gun control, most likely a homosexual, and despite what some conspiracy theories claim, totally not affiliated with any Islamlist organization, white kid) attack were going to die anyways, it might as well happened now.
  8. It was obviously North Korea testing out their new long-range nuke.
  9. Well, if there is no free will, I would think that traveling back in time (not as an observer) would change nothing and put you in infinite loop of going back in time, as you are predetermined to travel back in time.
  10. Some bigots agree... Of course this 'enlightened civilization' to Bryan Fisher should model “ancient Israel†and require every immigrant to “convert to Christianity.â€
  11. WTF is this, you're high school art class portfolio? How is it 'most controversial'?
  12. Gender roles and people assuming other people are the same gender that they are is weird.
  13. I would say to use an AutoHotkey script. As I don't know the scan code for 'Fn' on your laptop. I think 'Fn' would be only a hardware level key and wouldn't produce any scan codes.
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