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  1. Pennsylvania....eh....not so great And our school only competes in the state, so we have one tourney a month until state... Not much in terms of kritiks or creative arguments unless you reall take time explaining them to the judge and not much in terms of depth.
  2. I have a topicality argument saying that for an aff to be topical, it has to look at Earth? Do you want that?
  3. But our t violation is against looking outside the mesosphere, no matter where the technology is...unless the tech is looking at earth, you're inherently anthropocentric
  4. I was refering mostly to the topicality argument-->I don't know how many judges are familiar with attaching a kritikal standard to a t violation and in my area, no judge had ever seen it before...in addition, we added a big 1NR block on anthropocentrism and added a kritikal impact to a t argument. I've never seen it before, but I don't know if people run it in other parts of the country more often.
  5. Just wondering, is there no straight-up infrastructure kritik with an alt saying reject the aff as an instance of increased infrastrucuture and an impacting infrastrucutre increase?
  6. http://www.mediafire...a0qcqkx7kq8oo4b (Asteroid Mining Aff w/ answers to DAs, CPs, and Kritiks) http://www.mediafire...bxfx3dvt9d8w558 (Space Debris DA w/ two impact scenarios) http://www.mediafire...76rwqe28dinzhqq (Deep Sea CP w/ solvency cards for hege, warming, education, and REMs) http://www.mediafire...sb8y68jpco6eebz (GEO DA w/ links for SPS, BMD, and generic for satellites) http://www.mediafire...uptc77wc5ve15ag (Good hege cards saying there is no threat to US hegemony now from March 2012) http://www.mediafire...vym9zwsnaflfw9w (Space Militarization DA) http://www.mediafire...s9u05gbxbz43uz7 (Minor Repair against SPS with a card saying SPS causes increased global warming) http://www.mediafire...xludkoj9vadxali (Topicality argument on "beyond" with a kritikal standard and kritikal impact-kinda confusing, so just ask if you have questions) If you have questions about anything, either PM me or email me at curryguy123@live.com Oh, and I've never used mediafire before, so if something doesn't work, just let me know and I'll figure it out.
  7. Can you guys tell me what you were looking for in particular?
  8. So our debate season's over and we're just wondering if anyone wants any of our evidence, just ask and I can email it to you. We have some pretty creative arguments that may or may not fly where you debate.
  9. State tourney this weekend and then it's over. Sucks cause space is an awesome topic. I just wish people didn't just run SPS...
  10. I can judge if you want? I guess I'm mostly policymaker, but I'll listen to anything as long as it's explained properly cause I'm not very knowledgable on kritik lit. However, I do love topicality and theory, especially if the T is well explained and has solid standards--&--#62;I do default to competing interpretations and stuff. I guess I tend to err more neg on T. CPs are good as long as they can successfully compete with the plan and they do solve properly, plus they should have a solid net benefit. And you should prove the perm solves, not just run a ton of them. Disads are fine as long there's sufficient impact calc Kritiks aren't as great, but if they're explained well I can vote on them cause I don't know much about different philosophies
  11. For some reason, it says you can't receive any more messages. Is your inbox full? And also what part of the country you're from?
  12. I mean, in the the event I run the anthro K as the neg, can the aff sort of get out of it by saying they aren't anthropocentric because they're advocating earth/geocentrism? Or can they be equated as the same thing for the purpose of the kritik? I'm not talking about my aff in particular, just any aff in general about space.
  13. This isn't in reference to answers to the anthro k, but more about if I were to run it. I guess my real question is, for the purposes of the kritik, are earth/geocentrism and anthropocentrism different? But thanks for those responses, cause I can prep answers for those if I run the K.
  14. I use a Sony Vaio EB. Its got a really wide screen for reading cards and its not too heavy or anything either, so it works really well.
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