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  1. gdebate

    Alta Team List?

    Can anybody give the break round pairings and bracket for Alta?
  2. gdebate

    Alta Team List?

    Anybody have a warm room for this tournament? or any other national circuits this weekend
  3. Anybody know any good sophomores?
  4. What is the Pandora Affirmative? Can you give a wiki link?
  5. What are the worst and/or best affirmatives that you have debated this year?
  6. You guys can watch the final on Debatevision
  7. gdebate


    Solar Roadways ...
  8. gdebate

    New Year

    My first year in novice is over, I am trying to prepare for next year but I have no idea where to start. Does anybody know what the typical Affirmatives will be next year, or just generic disadvantages I can start to cut?
  9. The Harvard Tournament Semi-Final , Stratford JS (NEG) and Greenhill SU (Aff), is posted on Youtube.
  10. My Partner and I went against thing Disadvantage @ Glenbrooks, the impact was dehumanization and government oppression. We won the round by reading bipartisanship and impact outweighs. The Links for the Disadvantage are very good though.
  11. I am an eighth grader, who debated some on the circuit this year, I am going to attend MNDI 3 week camp this summer. This will be my first time at debate camp. Any reviews on the camp? Or things that I should know before going.
  12. Asteroids is a good case to run for novices, I have run it for the whole year. It is easy to win that the impact outweighs the disadvantage or K. There are some major flaws in the probability arguments.
  13. I am a novice and am looking for a good camp to attend this summer. I live in south florida and could only attend a camp that ends before July 4. Any Suggestions?
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