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  1. whats the solvency mech? do you invest in something, lift some type of barrier to more tourism, free up some type of temporary visa?
  2. i don't know what the solvency mech is, but if it removing like a sanction or part of the embargo, you could a def that says removing sanctions is T
  3. the aff isn't inherent, the Plan for The TPP affs is that the USfg invite Mexico to negotiate as a team at the TPP not just negotiate as separate entities
  4. ohnojewfro


    I don't think so, I think the next few years the east will be dominated by the pacers Knicks and heat, KG and Paul pierce are a bit over the hill, while D Williams hasn't shown results since he was on the jazz and joe Johnson is a scorer but not a closer, I see the nets as a team that will probably be out in the earlier rounds over the next few years once they get better younger talent
  5. I mean there is a chance that both of your teams will be knocked out in one round
  6. fund water treatment plants in mexico... be gettin all dat soft power
  7. the words invade Venezuela and real aff came in the same sentence without a negation... god this sounds worse than the d-spec file i made
  8. So, we got states In a few weeks. And the biggest competition keeps breaking affs. I really don't know what to prep out and I've been running Nepa every round. At this point they've probably got that blocked out really well. So does anybody have any other ideas for a different process cp?
  9. thats extra T... but that might not be the biggest of worries if you run this aff
  10. pretty much right now china is like massively producing steel due not to market forces but rather due to the government because china is a command economy and controls the chinese steel industry... so they are on pace to set a bunch of records in production in steel... unfortunately, demand has been either constant or actually been going down so when the us even starts doing a little more steel production and selling the stuff... they will take china's slice of the pie directly because most other countries haven't been producing high amounts.
  11. Anybody got any idea for topical space affs? i was thinking that pretty much any type of aff that uses a space port would be T... this is probably just nostalgia for last years topic and sorry if there is a similar post elsewhere.
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