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  1. I found this interesting, especially the part about communicative capitalism towards the end: http://soundstudiesblog.com/2012/09/17/easy-listening-spreading-and-the-role-of-the-ear-in-debating/
  2. Against a racism aff, which works better. My rationale for Introna is that the point of a racism aff (preventing racism) is to improve human value, which introna kritiks.
  3. What's the difference between GH RR and GH? Are they both bid tourneys?
  4. I'd be interesting in trading for an interesting aff for this year's infrastructure topic. Preferably no K/Philosophy-oriented affs. PM me
  5. Is it just me or does Hi-Dig-Air use "..." a lot?
  6. Does anyone have a really recent Heg Good card? Like within the last month?
  7. Please PM me if you have anything useful. I'll trade a lot for a disad that's at least decent..
  8. Does anyone have any links or cards to articles that say that JPSS doesn't work well? I run a monitoring aff and "JPSS is solving" really gets me every time.
  9. I am looking for new disads (normal or politics) that are generally unknown, are really really good, and are semi-lay friendly (it's okay if it's not). I have lots to trade and i might trade several files for a good DA . PM Me
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