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    Overextension K

    I kind of have a personal vendetta against this argument and I'm writing answers to it for an off-case position. Does anyone have any carded or analytical answers to this? I'm talking about the atchison overextension K from the UM7wk framework file a year ago.
  2. ^that's funny because your name's kim jong-un
  3. https://kuscholarworks.ku.edu/dspace/bitstream/1808/6012/1/Carrillo_ku_0099M_10643_DATA_1.pdf?origin=publication_detail
  4. maybe he only wants the guys' opinions
  5. i'd like to see this too! pm me
  6. should i just read reps good then? i feel like that wouldn't refute the argument that our personal agency (e.g. the pursuit of the ballot) is commodifying suffering, not our representations of suffering.
  7. debate round - this is for K affs (e.g. you trade the ballot for suffering/narrative/etc) i'll trade heavily for a good file btw
  8. I'm willing to trade Ks for it - I need it asap!
  9. BwO

    organizing cards

    recently i've been cutting a bunch of random cards that are important but don't really fall under a specific case/da/cp/k and I don't want them to get lost between now and the next tournament. is there a good way any of you have to organize those loose-leaf cards so they're still accessible?
  10. BwO


    definitely DAs. a lot of DAs also some more squirrelly ks!
  11. BwO

    A2 Giroux

    or critical pedagogy, friere, structural violence, all that good stuff i'm looking more for the arguments than the cards (so I can make blocks) but a warrant for the card would still be nice
  12. i'm just looking for some general swyngedouw stuff, not necessarily any particular K
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