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  1. First off, I really enjoy these free evidence. Coming from a highschool student where good quality evidence is extremely scarce, you don't know how much I appreciate all of this. There's a few missing download link on there. I'm wondering if you could post that on there. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  2. I'm just a novice when it comes to Ks and stuff ...so a brief explanation of what you're talking about?
  3. Well I'm always bad at searching things on google. Maybe I should've asked for search terms as well. Trust me, I tried to searching Transportation is capitalistic/ imperialistic
  4. I'm looking for any literature that explains how Capitalism/ Imperialism is rooted within our society through transportation. Or just something that critiques transportation ( infrastructures). Links or name of books would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks
  5. Long story short, my partner failed his french class with a 0 because he didn't do any work and now he's not eligible for Texas TFA state competition. I'm considering to maverick there and I'm wondering if there are any tricks and tips on mavericking. I'm also wondering if mavericking is an option or not for Texas TFA state because it didn't specify on the website.
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