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  1. @Pacifist Verbatim settings -> Admin -> templates folder -> changelog ezpz
  2. Anyone know any good articles/books on this aside from prashad? If anyone has a file, cites from a wiki, random cards, etc., that'd be good to. Thanks
  3. Hey all, I'm planning on teaching people how to do public forum debate. I have experience in policy debate, but none in public forum. If anyone has a curriculum or a debate handbook specific or applicable to public forum, that would be very useful. Any other tips would also be greatly appreciated. thanks
  4. dkim


    Here are some additional ways to raise money: Phone-a-thon - Call people around your city to ask for donations Car Wash - hold a car wash to support the debate team Selling Things - have debate team members go around their neighborhood selling products - this can range from baked goods to raffle tickets hosting a tournament - if you don't already, hosting a debate tournament at your school can be a way to raise money and spread your team's reputation another factor in your ability to get funding is the reputation of you debate team in the community - the more well known/interconnected the debate team is, the more likely people will contribute. This may also increase the chances of receiving school funding aso your debate program expands. hope this helps
  5. dkim

    Wiki Help

    first you need to have a wiki account, which you can do by clicking "join wiki" afterwards, go to the page with all of the teams "policy debate" or "lincoln-douglas debate" on the left hand side of the page push edit (around the top right area) then in the correct spot (there's a guide on where to put your wiki page on the wiki) put your team name, name, etc. for example: 2012-2013 - West High School (State Initials) - JonyB & JonyB's Partner's name after putting it in (it should be regular text) push the link button (should be on the editing toolbar) and push "add link" (or if you already made a page, you can put the link/url to that page) after pushing save, when you click on your name (which should now be a hyperlink) you'll be sent to your page, which you can then edit with your wiki information. hope this helps
  6. dkim


    What are the main authors of the Doubling K (which authors write about this) do you know any literature i could read to get more acquainted with/cut some cards for this argument?
  7. dkim

    Cx File Choice

    will this be for a certain year's resolution (t/i, latin america...) or is it limited to generics
  8. I was thinking of going to ddi this summer, but heard from my coach that ddi was changing significantly from previous years. Could anyone give me some more info/details on how it will change from previous years and what that would mean for students attending?
  9. dkim


    Can anyone give me an explanation of the wilderson k (besides racism saying state bad) If anyone knows where I can find a file that would be fantastic as well.
  10. does anyone have any recommendations for camps that go from the middle of july to end of august?
  11. dkim

    How To Beat Nib

    Many teams have been using the exim as their aff. what are some specific strats against this (are there any da's against expanding the exim's mandate to fund domestic t/i)? also, what are some possible advantages that are unique to the exim mechanism (Besides trade/protectionism (the one that berk prep has))
  12. dkim

    How To Beat Nib

    Hey, what're the best/most effective strats against you've seen against the NIB aff? If there's anything specific to the ex-im mechanism, that would be great, too. so far, i've seen: -T (capital expenditure and loan guarantees) -States cp -Stim bad/ variations of the spending da -TIFIA cp -agenda da If there are any common strats against the aff that isn't listed above(excluding generic k's like cap), that would be very helpful too. Thanks
  13. dkim


    could you link me to any nietzche lectures that could be especially relevant to bataille? any idea when xylum will put there lecture online?
  14. dkim


    does anyone know where i can find a lecture on this kritik online? also, how could i adjust this kritik to make it more friendlier to more policy oriented judges?
  15. dkim

    Judge Choice

    can someone explain this to me? i've only seen it in context of kritik permutations, are there other applications of this?
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