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  1. BMD-better I/Ls to hard power; SPS i/ls to Heg are based alot more on soft power, which while is obviously good for Heg might not be the better option in front of conservative judges; also Im not sure if reading an environment advantage like warming is good to do in front of an incredibly conservative judging pool
  2. They're really not that long, I have no idea why they did that
  3. Christopher Columbus=no more(they graduated) and nor U school(they quit) Other schools in there: Ransom Everglades(new coach so they just have like 7 novice teams), Cypress Bay(the 'K' team in Broward), Stoneman Douglas, J.P Taravella
  4. This kid is the reason why I fill my daily neg rep quota...
  5. A team on my circuit utilizes the concept to generate offense in their Nietzsche Aff, here's the link to their wiki - http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/2011-2012+-+Cypress+Bay+%28FL%29+-+Jordan+Friedman+%26+Ignacio+Sabate it's the second aff they posted
  6. This. But, also, jumping around just means you're cheating yourself of fully learning an authors positions leading to a poorly cut K(considering you want to homecut it)
  7. Depends, what does "A LOT" mean?
  8. in that situation you prolly want to put about 3-330 mins of answers to the K-the disads should prolly be covered each in about 130-2 mins and the cp should get about a minute of coverage(most of your offense on the CP that arent generic perms and esa solvency take outs will be your offense put on the netbens(the disads)) but thats just my estimation of what the 2AC should be like, because the way I see it the K is a viable neg world of itself-so it should get the most independent coverage; the cp+DAs though have four strategically smart worlds coming off them(I dont consider a two disads+cp or two disads strat to be viable)-the russia da+cp; the other da+ cp; the russia DA+squo; the other DA+squo-so you give them more coverage combined overall=but for each independent off the K deserves the most coverage imo
  9. Depends, what was the 1nc? was it a one off K plus 2 minutes case? or was it a part of a broader 5 off+case strat? It all depends on how much emphasis is given in the 1NC to the K, that doesnt mean read a minute of answers in the 2AC if the 1NC shell was a minute long, but rather give it enough time in the 2AC to pressure the block(sounds almost impossible with the speech times but efficient 2AC Blocks get it done) while not undercovering the rest of their positions
  10. military=hard power hard power=heg thus military sucks=heg sucks I think youd be best off using us heg decline bad cards
  11. Status quo solves arguments are pretty good on SSA, in January, a bunch of new contracts dealing with SSA-related projects were handed out. Here is the one I find the best. They're prolly going to try to pull a solvency deficit dealing with funding, these new contracts solve exactly that. They said more funding is key-well Boeing just got a contract to develop Space Based Space Surveillance-SBSS Seffers 1/4’ (By George I. Seffers –associated with the AFCEA “Boeing to Develop Logistics Infrastructure for Space Based Surveillanceâ€,Jan 4th, 2012, http://www.afcea.org/signal/signalscape/index.php/subject/space-based-space-surveillance/) Boeing Company, Seal Beach, California, is being awarded a $23,881,830 cost-plus-award-fee contract option for calendar year 2012 maintenance and operations services to provide the requirements for the development and delivery of the logistics infrastructure for the Space Based Space Surveillance Block 10 System. U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, El Segundo, California, is the contracting activity. SSBS solves the Aff Air Force 11’(Air Force annual report to the Public, 2011 “Air Force Programs: Space-Based Space Surveillance (SBSS) Block 10â€, http://www.dote.osd.mil/pub/reports/FY2011/pdf/af/2011sbss.pdf) The 1st Space Operations Squadron operates the system from the SBSS satellite operations center located at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. Mission Commanders of the Joint Space Operations Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, will use SBSS to provide timely analysis of high interest satellite maneuvers, predictions of potential collisions for tracked objects, location of lost objects, and identification of unknown objects. U.S. Strategic Command personnel will use SBSS to provide space surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence, environmental monitoring, and data fusion and exploitation to satisfy space situational awareness needs of Service members. National Air and Space Intelligence Center will use SBSS to detect changes in the status of high interest objects, which could indicate a potential maneuver or instability resulting from a failure to maintain proper control of a satellite.
  12. You could read some baller ptc uniqueness cards talking about bipartisan support-and spin it off as, it's so popular in congress that obama didnt need to spend pc
  13. Yesterday, a team tried to pull a WGLF and read an aff WGLF wrote....in front of a lay judge
  14. I didnt see him mentioned before in this thread, but I have Mao to trade
  15. So I just checked, and I have to potentially debate the next 6 weekends...State quals, a CFL(I have to train another debater), Harvard, NFL quals, States, CFL Quals.....y i no haz life?
  16. the one on open ev by umich has neg answers in the aff file, with some notes at the beginning leading you to a possibly effective neg strat; just search "trooper" on open ev and the file will come up
  17. http://www.fas.org/spp/military/program/asat/overview.htm Ctrl+F "cost" "the program, initially expected to cost $500 million, was estimated at $5.3 to complete."
  18. Wait is Mitch gone? Or are you referring to Scott?
  19. Sounds great! I'm looking forward to another awesome digital summer camp experience
  20. Maury, is this going to happen again this summer?
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