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  1. On the nat circuit in ld, they generally don't have a quote at the top or an interesting intro, they just say "I affirm." or "I negate." and go off into either the v/vc or the fw debate
  2. Should be, I didnt have any good miscalc defense cards, so when i saw it on a vdebate.....Im sorry
  3. I heard you like T. 4 off, case in 1ac order http://www.mediafire.com/?7va8wr1rgq82khn
  4. Couple of follow ups: Explain how the plan solves debris SPSats can eject microsats to take put debris, Examiner evidence. These microsats arent mandated by the plan are they? theyre just possible capabilities of SPS right? How many solar power sats do you have to launch to solve your mil adv? One would probably work considering other countries' perception, but the Plan does moar Speakng of this, how many does the plan do? Cost? I don't specify an amount, but it'll be substantial Can you specify how much now, rather than later? Itll just save us a bunch of time.. Why doesn't previous militirization in space solve your adv? What previous militarization? x-37b, ors/ssa projects, why dont those solve the adv?
  5. Cost? Why isn't the US pursuing it right now? "The President of the United States should issue an Executive Order to deploy Space-Based Solar Power. I’ll clarify upon request."This is that request, clarify whatever bs args you re gonna pull to try delink outta my args, also clarify what you mean by space based solar power-do you mean you'll launch satellites or will you give current sats solar power capabilities? Does the US have sbsp sats ready to go and launch or do they just have the ability to make sbsp sats? Explain how the plan solves debris whats the brink on pres power? How many solar power sats do you have to launch to solve your mil adv? Your pop 2k evidence talks about how microwave beams can be classified as an electromagnetic weapon because it transmits energy to the ground, how is this a space WMD or laser? "unlike traditional weapons of mass destruction, there are no controllable components[16] in an HPM weapon."[17] and this would make treaties that would limit their proliferation "virtually impossible to enforce given the common availability of suitable materials and tools."[18]. Regarding their use as means of causing lethal diseases, it is unlikely that SPSs would become instruments of mass destruction; the small power density of the microwave beam (about 1/4 the power density of sunlight) means that, "as a weapon, the SSP is less effective than a squirt gun"[19]. Foldes agrees, considering that the "[c]apability of SPS to cause radiation damage on the ground is small"[20]. Moss believes that a SPS "would not violate the dictates of Article 4 as the SPS is not a weapon. The alignment of the microwave beam would always be under positive control from the receiving station and could be quickly shut off should it stray from the precise path of the rectennas. Furthermore, and most importantly, contact with the microwave energy is not lethal. It has no thermal "zapping" qualities like a laser, nor is it ionising like X-ray radiation." Thats literally quoted from your Pop card, why is SPS going to give us leverage from space? Why doesn't previous militirization in space solve your adv? Your Dolman 6 card says "Seizing the initiative and securing low-Earth orbit now, while the United States is unchallenged in space.." thats 6 years ago, when is the brink?
  6. switch side debating deals with traditional debate structure i.e. your aff-neg debate; a benefit of this sort of structure could be more education, approaching a stance and debating its usefulness while arguing its harms allows you to get a double sided view and potentially learn things you didnt know before
  7. I posted this on another thread http://www.cross-x.com/topic/52888-kritick-vs-space-commons/page__pid__854182?do=findComment&comment=854182 its the fifth post
  8. Sorry I didnt put this all in one post, Ill do that for the 2AC but The Barno 11 evidence talks about the rise of regional actors and how traditional deterrence fails, what does this mean in terms of Heg?
  9. Also, on heg, your Kagan evidence cites wars in a multipolar world back in the 18th century, why is that a reason to reject multipolarity's peaceful capabilities now? Still on Kagan, explain the warrant as to why US hegemony will lead to peace? The US has maintained hegemony for most of the 21st century, why were there still multiple wars?(E.g. Iraq, Afghanistan)
  10. Your SSI 10 cars cites ground based sattelite systems, how exactly does the plan solve for targets on the ground? What is uplink jamming? Your Bonner 10 card cites both uplink and downlink jamming, how do you solve for both? Your Tucker 8 card goes "The positioning and navigation capabilities of GPS are not the only critical infrastructure enablers provided by this well known space system, “…its value as a global time standard rather than as a navigation aid is more important. It is virtually the only global source for accurate timing.â€24 Please provide me with the whole card without the ellipse. Your cards are two and three years old, timeframe for satt attacks? also, by who? What exactly is Network Centric warfare? What is seabasing? What does DTN exactly do to solve? What does a space based network node do to solve the problem?
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/?fcjpm1ybmct087f http://www.mediafire.com/?bm5hh6j30qc0m1a the first one is the normal k file; the second one is some add ons and more links
  12. No, if they are paper, you can stand behind them when they read and make sure they read all the highlighted(unless they say theyre cutting the card); Also, common sense helps, if a team is reading cards that take like 5 seconds, chances are either they're cross-reading or those cards don't have much warrants
  13. damn, i was hoping on a Nye vs Nietzsche final smart power vs the will to power...
  14. No, not really, nor could you provide a tangible reason as to why, youre just a troll, for example, http://www.cross-x.com/topic/52863-getting-temporarily-banned-from-posting/page__p__853840?do=findComment&comment=853840
  15. If money isn't an issue and you're looking for that extra edge for senior year, I recommend that after you choose one of these two, you also enroll in the digital debate camp, it's only 400 dollars and it runs through the summer, it also focuses more on lectures and practice rounds than a traditional camp does, so you have that nice contrast going that acts as a pretty baller supplement, check it out, http://digitaldebatecamp.com/
  16. I attended the DDC last year, coming out of my novice year. I had minimal experience as I only attended a few tournaments, but the lab leaders were more than willing to cooperate and help each student based on their situation, making this camp experience unlike most others. Given the redirection from a traditional camp and, thus, the increased flexibility, this allowed the lab leaders to give each individual student the necessary attention. Through many outlets of social media, there was always someone willing to work with me at any time. As a result, I engaged in and received multiple lectures/discussions on subjects that I myself wanted. At a big camp, it can be easy to get pushed under and not end up learning much of what you need to work, however, at this relatively small camp, the lab leaders won't let that happen. The long nature of the camp is another asset. Most kids end up going to camp for 2-4 weeks(excluding those kids that attend DDI or Umich 7 week) and under that situation, let's be real, after camp, in the month or so after, before school starts, they end up stagnating from lack of practice and work. The DDC runs all summer long and thus, last year, I was in a great condition for when the season started.
  17. Looking for an extensive homecut framework file with a good section on plan key and usfg policy option key, as well as homecut answers to Ks of T; willing to trade a lot for quality files
  18. We ran Nietzsche in the 1NC-first question after the speech Them: So, if I pulled out a dagger, right now, and stabbed you, would you embrace it? Me: Well, that depends... do you?
  19. I dont know that much about T so I might not be that helpful but-You dont have to prove actual in round abuse to generate offense-it's the ideas they promote that generate offense for the claim of potential abuse-e.g. "Just because we had specific links to your specific aff in this specific debate doesnt mean all affs under your interp give fair ground-this is where we generate offense-evaluate competing interpretations through an overall lens not through a specific example" That might have been poorly worded but you get the gist of it-you should always be making the argument "potential abuse is a voter" when debating something like T-under a fw like evaluate competing interpretations(the general norm for a T debate, as far as I know)-at the sametime, you should still try to o/w with limits, its always nice to have more offense
  20. I agree in terms of disads because the political realm is always changing-but in terms of Ks, that's nonsense, kritikal literature doesnt change year to year, just cut new topic specific links for next year
  21. 156 teams in states? Puts Florida to shame, we have 21 teams competing at states this weekend..
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