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  1. Blue key is at the end of the month at Gainesville, octas bid in pf, policy lost its bid two years ago but some 25-30 teams usually show up(prolly more this year bc of a large influx of novice teams in soflo) besides that, youre better off going to georgia tourneys, they have a pretty nice circuit
  2. Can someone please link me to some videos where the neg debated the K well and went for it in the 2nr? the aff preferably being trad
  3. http://www.cross-x.com/topic/53220-introduction-to-deleuze-and-thought/ http://www.cross-x.com/topic/46845-dng/ these might help a bit
  4. basically when something is controversial like a large bipartisan split on let's say HSR, and Obama manages to get it passed, Obama is perceived as a super awesome mega strong leader and so he is able to use that new found leverage on the next piece of legislation as ppl are more likely to side with someone as they percieve as a leader
  5. The permutation links to the net benefit thus it generates competition for the CP. For example, Aff is HSR there's only a warming advantage , Neg is a renewable energy CP and a Politics DA. The link to the Politics DA is "Transportation projects are unpopular". If the Aff permed, and said we should do both the cp and the plan, the link to the politics DA is still triggered because the plan is enacted, so in theory, the counterplan is competitive because you cant do both the plan and the counterplan while avoiding the netbenefit. The netbenefit can either be a DA, K, or Case turn
  6. thanks that was pretty helpful ill either go with carbon pipelines or port security
  7. So Im in charge of helping out novices and stuff and besides HSR, what do you guys think would be the best starter aff to give them?
  8. reverse voting issue; for example, "T is a RVI because it's a timeskew", its basically a reason to not only reject the arg but reject the team for bringing up such an uneducational and meaningless argument taking out/decreasing education/fairness, that being said, never run these types of args in policy
  9. Paper debaters do that too tho, a lot of times theyll only read one or two cards from a sheet of paper and not read one or more from that same page, it should be the debaters responsibility to flow the speech instead of relying on the provided speech doc/papers However, I do agree card marking is a legit issue
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