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  1. I'm having a practice debate soon and I know the other team is running the normativity kritik. I need help answering that? Could you all help me and sort of explain it to me. I understand the basis, but not completely. Thank you in advance!
  2. How do you straight turn a DA? I know it's harder for the neg to get out of a straight turn, so I want to know how to straight turn them. Thanks it advance!
  3. Which one do you prefer. Why? I honestly prefer paperless.
  4. My partner and I was going to troll a round. We we're going to read a Cap K in the 2NC and then in the 1NR say that they never answered our Cap K and that we should get full weight on the argument. Stupid novices will answer it. lmao. But other than that I take my rounds seriously.
  5. I run SBSP aka SPS. I have a positive success rate with it. Other teams try to run DAs like Spending or Space debris or even cap k, they usually fail.
  6. Deuces

    Sbsp Neg

    I run SPS. You could try Topicality, Space debris, or space weaponization, cap K would even work. Also some off cases I've hit with SPS are space mil, cap k, China-US relations DA (don't recommend it) and more. I'm a novice also, btw. Just thought I'd add some input.
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