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  1. prepping sometime other than the night before would seem to solve all those problems. though if you're staying up that late doing ptx updates i'm not sure why it takes you that long. next time you hear of someone doing coke at a debate tournament contact Officer Tom, i'm sure he'll take the necessary legal steps to eliminate the problem.
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b0z32b81s0enuq5/Speaking%20drills.docx
  3. 2NC Order is schizophrenia reps then solvency
  4. pretty sure you can't during prelims.
  5. just one more follow up for crossx about that last answer- what line of the 1NC indicated that social location determines whether or not something is eurocentric? i'll probably have the 2NC up tomorrow. don't know when though.
  6. What is the Namoadic war machine? In the overview you said that you practice Nomadology, but in crossx you said your methods aren’t static. So why does voting aff guarantee accessing this method? Under solvency your first subpoint says that the aff, “results in a positive deterritorialization.†If you can’t control the affs, “infinite possibilities†how do you know what it will result in? So you said that one particular mode of resistance alone won’t work, then talked about non-debate related modes of resistance. Two part question. 1. Are the other methods/actions you advocate things that occur outside the debate space. 2. If the answer was yes, how does voting aff ensure that these external events occur? If the answer to #1 was no, why cite occupying Wall street as an example? You said no aff condo, but I thought that there were an infinite amount of possibilities for your uncontrollable aff. what prevents an aff ballot from endorsing a method of resistance that you haven’t talked about? How does voting aff grant solvency? If an aff ballot is key to solve, then as of the 2Ac you don’t have solvency right? Because you don’t have the ballot right now. You say identity is fluid then talk about how you experienced a delightful change in neg strats #Kforlife. How can someone experiencing racial violence kick out of his or her race? Uhh when did I claim the role of he oppressed? That sounds kinda messed up.
  7. it's fine, but i just now noticed this, so crossx will be up later tomorrow. (probably evening)
  8. there are some on open ev you could check out. also depends on what you mean by plan text. if you mean USFG should do X, then how you would normally read an aff. If you mean saying no to the rez, then your advocacy should probably look at least similar to whatever the advocacy would be for the K if you were reading it on the neg, though you would want it to be in the context of the aff (ex- you wouldn't want to just say you advocate JUST rejecting X)
  9. brown race theory is not really a thing. if you google, "brown race theory" you come up with 3 results, the first one being the web page for this thread lol. if you mean post colonialism studies, they look at colonization of the east as well. (ex- india, parts of china) so it wouldn't be, "brown" race theory.
  10. i probably worded my answer in a way that was a bit misleading, my bad. the lack of solvency comes from understanding that kind of violence as coming from the sovereign. or at least that's the arg i'm making. And i don't think you could because if i win that your starting point (which deleuze said doesn't matter. "Where are you coming from… These are totally useless questions.") is bad then the way in which you construct knowledge about the Other happens in a eurocentric manner which is how D&G's philosophies don't address problems outside of a european context and also why i think the aff perpetuates a way of misunderstanding problems and people. but i mean, if at the end of the round you win that you solve the impact of the K, then i guess you do.
  11. the violence of coloniality doesn't operate via france facsisming you with its support of capitalism, but if operates in other ways. for example, The group Boko Haram recently kidnapped 20 women from a nomadic settlement in northeast Nigeria in the same region in which the 200 school girls were kidnapped in April. it isn't the state that is suppressing people via biopolitics, but other forms of violence that people experience, forms of violence that D&G don't talk about how to solve. the problem is that when people actually do things similar to what they advocate (nomadism for example) there are forms of violent repression that occur, and D&G take no stance on how to deal with it, or even acknowledge it. Edit: link to article- http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/2014/06/20-women-kidnapped-north-nigeria-20146100439854823.html
  12. 1.1 Jacobowitz- D&G present the West as a universal figure. They run into the problem of eurocentrism within their theories at the same point in which they criticize it because, while they are critical of things like sovereign control an power over individuals, the way in which they explain it, come to understand it, and counter it, all completely ignore non western context in which that power manifests itself and operates. 1.2 Grosfofuel- this universalism is bad because whenever Europe/western perspectives are used to explain phenomena outside of their contexts they become global colonial designs. Because “universal†truth is create based on different epistemologies, the conclusion that the European starting point is the only true one excludes other knowledge’s (those of indigenous peoples, the global south, or any that don’t come from white hyper masculine European philosophies.) 2. This (above) answers what epistemic racism is. Racism that functions through an exclusion of non Eurocentric forms of knowledge production. 3. ehhhh, nah. I don't think you have an advocacy, so it can't really be a PIK. 4. By American Man I mean a concept or figure, a particular way of being-in-the-world, the very subject of an episteme that gives continuity to an imperial order no the literal death of people is not called for by the alt, as is explained clearly in the ev. it calls for the death of the american man as the death of that which is the center of the imperial order of the world. The US has taken eurocentrism and given it steroids in order to set up it's hegemonic rule, and thus the American Man has become a subject that rules over the earth and is the supposedly superior force in many ways. What this means is challenging anything that poses the knowledge/being of any particular subject as superior to another, or in this case an epistemic perspective which excludes alternative forms of knowledge production. 5. in the context of the K- the struggle to provide power of representation of ones self to those who don't have access to those means of representation.ex the knowledge of the 1AC not only omits, but overwhelms the voice of those who have notions of fluidity in politics that differ from the 1AC. deleuze's nomad is different form what a zapatista would define a nomad as, and the preconceived notion of how to resist these power structures via being rhizomatic, but at the end of the day the theoretical ideas of the 1AC don't translate into a way in which colonized people can liberate themselves from eurocentric powers and frameworks. 6. the colonized. includes south american countries, asian countries, african countries, and the people who now live and experience the effect of that colonization via coloniality. solvency 1. lol. you outline a bunch of methods (line of flights, nomadism, schizoanalysis) but then say there are an infinite number of things you could do/ways you could do them. also you said you have no control over the aff, so even the ideas you put forth as a possibility that could maybe be one of the things that happen aren't guaranteed because you don't advocate it happening. it's vague because you said infinite things could happen and even you don't know what those things are, so they can't be defined. i think that's a perfect example of something vague. 2. I don't think so. Having an organization isn't necessary for defining a political strategy. Example- before the black panther party was an official organization, Huey Newton affirmed and practiced armed self defense as a strategy for resistance. You don't need and organization to define what should be done. 3. the deleuzoguattarian schizophrenic is a glorified and unrealistic concept. they portray schizophrenia as the ultimate lack of organization and control and pose schizoanalysis as a method of criticizing the state, when in reality schizophrenia is, for many, a horrifying mental illness. It acts as a cage that prevents some, such as Louis, from living a life full of much else other than constant rage and confusion, not a tool for liberation.
  13. the only time i flow on a comp is when i'm watching rounds. there are a lot of reasons to do this. Like Ananth said, the transition can end up taking a lot of time pulling up or opening different tabs for speeches along with flowing. also if ANYTHING happens to your computer in round (i've had problems where my battery dies and other difficulties) and you flow on your computer you are just screwed. if you flow on paper, worst case scenario you at least still have everything. that's how i ended up winning my last round at the iowa tournament last year. computer died during the 2AR, but i had my paper flow so it was okay. if it works for you, you could do it. There are a lot of risks though. and form what i heard 1% risk is the worst thing in the world #politicsDA.
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