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  1. Bard Debate Union does British Parliamentary and Model UN (http://debate.bard.edu/?page_id=4) but also seems to do some kind of public forum debate type thing. (http://debate.bard.edu/?page_id=471)
  2. Also, I've tried Verbatim and I can't seem to get it to be "built-in" like Debate Synergy is. With Verbatim, I'd always have to click on the Verbatim shortcut first, unlike with Debate Synergy where it was on every word doc I made/opened.
  3. So, I've been out of debate for a while now, but I've been using Debate Synergy in college since it's really good for organizing my notes. Problem is, my old laptop that had debate synergy has recently broken and after trying to find debate synergy for my new laptop, I either find it on exclusive membership wikis, the web app, or phishing/virus sites. If anyone could provide the file or give a link leading to a valid download link that would be great. I'm looking for the debate synergy with the toolbar at the top of MS Word. Thank you.
  4. ImpactTurn

    UIL State 2014

    4A Pairings: Saginaw v. Crosby Connally v. LBJ 5A Pairings: Austin v. Clear Lake Houston Bellaire v. Pflugerville Hendrickson
  5. Which State? If you're in Texas, for UIL State I would not recommend running any complex Ks. Condo CPs are as far as you wanna go. The paradigms may SAY that a judge is fine with a K, but if they can't get turns and stuff through their head, don't do it.
  6. Wylie High School is hosting a tournament November 9th, we're just down the road from Plano East Senior High School. It's now a Northeast Texas Debate Association (NTDA) tournament qualifier. The NTDA tournament is a scholarship tournament held in the Spring and to qualify you have to place in the top 6 of your competition. We will be offering 4 rounds of competition for each debate event and breaks for IEs. Our fees are also cheaper than most tournaments: LD: $15.00 CX: $25.00 PFD: $25.00 DUO: $20.00 IEs: $10.00 Uncovered judging fee: $100.00 If you've got questions contact: Travis Hiltbrunner at travis.hiltbrunner@wylieisd.net or check the Joy of Tournaments page: http://www.joyoftournaments.com/tx/wylie-nov/info.asp?p=1 I will be judging there, so to give you a bit of a heads up on my paradigms go to: http://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/Quinto%2C+John Thank you.
  7. I recently graduated leaving my old debate team with a couple of former novices to teach them. While I think they'll do just fine in basic debate understanding, I think I'll still need to explain some advanced stuff to them. So, is there a program out there that can record my computer screen and voice so that I can create videos to teach?
  8. And even if they prove that science is bad, it’ll correct itself Johnson 06 [Tad, a graduate of UW-Madison in Computer Science and currently work in the IT field, but my interests include urban planning, energy policy, photography, and entrepreneurship. Science, TadFad.com. Nov 14th, http://www.tadfad.com/2006/11/14/science/] Science is one of the few places one can find Truth. It is not based on conjecture, opinion, hearsay, myth, or faith. Science is not politics. Science is not journalism. Science is certainly not religion. Science is built exclusively on truths that combine to make Truth. One of the most important facets of science is the (aptly named) scientific method. The scientific method requires measurable, repeatable, documented observations that together prove or disprove a hypothesis. By following the scientific method, scientists can remove the human element from the end result. Any properly trained and equipped scientist could repeat an experiment to confirm some assertion. Before any scientific study is published, it must endure the scrutiny of peer review to ensure its merit. I cannot stress this last point enough. Unlike politics, religion, journalism, etc., this ensures that the end result of the scientific method is entirely separated from the scientist. There is no room for spin, interpretation, bias, or opinion. This is why I capitalize Truth. Science is the closest thing to Truth that we will ever know. A common counter-argument to the merits of science is that scientific Truth changes. That is, what was once considered Truth is now rejected as a flawed theory. To the contrary, the ability for science to correct prior errors makes it all the more powerful. The continuous search for Truth is what makes science so important. Now the hook: the Bush administration has been very hostile towards science. They have cut funding at the EPA and NASA (among others) to the point where important studies cannot be done. They have stifled reports and attempted to discredit important findings by countering with opposing “studiesâ€. Case in point: global warming. There are over one thousand peer reviewed studies in print that conclude that humans are drastically altering the composition of the earths atmosphere and, therefore, climate. There are zero peer reviewed studies that conclude otherwise. Yet by finding a handful of scientists to go on national television and refute this conclusion, the Bush administration has convinced the American public that the issue is still up for debate. You might notice an important distinction: there may be plenty of scientists that think global warming is a myth. You will find exactly zero peer reviewed scientific studies that conclude the same. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar enough with science to understand this fundamental difference.
  9. I think policy is the best. It appealed to me at first because of proposing policies and running exaggerated impacts, but after doing it, I think that I've learned more than I would've from public forum. Especially since all the PFers at my school come to me for information, and I'm not even that good at policy. However, parli in college, (I don't know what high school parli has turned into) is pretty cool. It's policy without cards and with a new topic. It may not be as in depth as policy, but it does seem fun.
  10. "Don't point out drops in your 2NR/2AR. Make it like a final focus." - Judges in a friend's quarters round at UIL State.
  11. I underline the things I would like judges to see (warrants and important stuff), then bold/highlight the stuff I read, and box in key warrants. Especially if the card is one you have to read a few times to get.
  12. First, you'll wanna know the topic which has to do with restricting presidential war powers. You'll find the topic paper on this page: http://www.cedadebate.org/forum/index.php?topic=4800.0 I don't know anything about the transition since I'll be doing the same thing.
  13. Topic papers are here: http://www.cedadebate.org/forum/index.php?board=138.0
  14. It depends on what tournament. You'll be able to maverick at most invitationals, but qualifying tournaments probably won't let you. Here's some advice I wrote in a different thread about dealing with a lesser partner: 1. I was the 1A and 2N. 1A because the 1AR is very, very hard to do with someone who can't improvise and argue on the fly, 2AR is much easier and 2AC is much easier canned than the 1AR. 2N for obvious reasons. 2. Did all the research and work, BUT kept my partners updated on how to run the arguments. As in, before the tournament I would go over each argument and block strategies. 3. Got efficient with my prep so that it can be used on my partner. I usually always made sure there was at least 5 minutes of prep left for rebuttals. 3 minutes if it's NFL. 4. On neg, take the important issues in your speech 5. Had my partners read through blocks and 1NC shells. Just for speed and familiarity's sake. If they had questions they asked me via email or text. 6. Made the 1NCs myself. For getting efficient with prep, keep your best files up throughout the tournament. I kept my theory, framework, aff blocks, advantage/impact answers and topicality file up all tournament because I needed it for every round. (aff file had offcase blocks) That way, you won't be spending all your time digging for files. Also, use the "speech" feature in synergy then use the "`" key to automatically paste material into the document. Also, learn to flow and answer arguments while flowing theirs. I personally kept a double sided pen (2 colored pens combined) to help me flow. I would flow my arguments in black and theirs in red. That makes it super easy to do line-by-lines. If you're partner can't even handle the above, I would recommend training new ones. I was able to jumpstart my school's policy debate program after it being dead for about 5 years, with a team full of people interested in PF. If I can do it, you can too. Also, to make your research burden a bit easier, just trade and make friends. Friends will help you out against certain teams and trading gives you almost free files. Also, friends in general are just nice to have. But in the end, remember that carrying another partner makes you ALOT better. I wouldn't have progress as fast as I have in 2 years without it.
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