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  1. How do you put a header near the tag of a card to make it appear in the document map, but for the tag not to appear as a Header in the actual document? I want to see all of my cards in the document map, not just my block headers so how should I go about doing this?
  2. What the title says and how do you do it properly...?
  3. Alright... So with flowing and stuff. I understand that you have only 8 minutes of prep that entire debate round. That's a little short. So, I was wondering how can you flow and pull up evidence at the same time while in a debate round? Aren't you too busy trying to listen to their tags and understand their arguments to be trying to pull of evidence at the same time? How are you supposed to go about doing this? Does 1 partner flow the entire debate and the other partner just get evidence or do you swap (the person who's about to speak needs to flow so they can have their arguments ready) or what happens? With only 8 minutes of total time in the entire debate, it seems way too long to be trying to yank out responses for your next speech if you flowed the entire debate round yet if you were pulling up evidence while they were speaking, you are probably going to miss/drop arguments. I also know that there's an epidemic of no-flowers. With time constraints, I can sympathize, but I keep getting told that flowing is the best. So how do you go about doing this? Please explain!
  4. How the heck do you flow? How much do you flow down? I know I need tags, but what about warrants? What about my answers? How do you get all of the above in time with grabbing evidence without dropping anything? What about me still needing to get evidence, who flows and who grabs evidence, me or my partner? What format do you flow, what do you use, how do you organize it? Please explain how you get everything down and then their answers! I have a terrible memory and end up forgetting everything in a round. PLEASE EXPLAIN IN DETAIL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. (uggh, everytime I ask varsity they confuse me to death acting like I know everything and then I start asking questions and then they get annoyed and walk off.) I started on legal pads but then moved to my laptop. If I can figure this out I might go back to paper. Please explain not only what I should do as a novice, but what the best thing to do as top debaters is!
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