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    Bataille K

    Really well written. I may come off too hard (this is the topic I've been studying in depth for about 3 years now), but I cannot agree enough. The way Bataille was explained above is fine if you want to debate about it, but it's extremely far from what Bataille actually says and his influence in the larger critical community. Going from debate's version of Bataille to the real version was rather difficult and took a lot of relearning. It took countless hours of reading Hegel, Kojeve, surrealists, Lacan, Derrida, and Bataille to really get a grip on the argument and see how it was warped via debate. I may get to aggressive when defending my favorite authors, but I mean it in the best possible way. If you just want to debate it once or twice in rounds that aren't huge, then this is fine. But if you really want to go the whole way and debate this argument a lot, I think you have to learn it a lot differently. I can give you texts for either route. I have a lot of stuff from the debate version of Bataille, but I also have a lot of stuff for a more comprehensive discussion of Bataille. Again, X-factor, nice job.
  2. Smarf

    Bataille K

    If the actual philosophy is too hard to understand, they should not be reading the K. I've never said I was trying to teach anyone, but I don't think actual philosophy should be butchered and bastardized for debate. It's the same as when high school students try to read Deleuze and Guattari in round without understanding it.
  3. Smarf

    Bataille K

    By "fancier language" I think you mean totally different. Yes, that's how debaters have explained it, but that's not what he actually says. His philosophy is not just some discussion of energy and production. He is basically a very large critique of Hegels preference of the positive over the negative. He shows how any system and any form of positivity inherently gold over on themselves in face of the negative. Source: I'm writing my thesis on Bataille and directly study under Bataille scholars.
  4. Smarf

    Bataille K

    Not really. That's more of the butchered version of debate-Bataille. Check out Derrida's essay, "From Restricted to General Economy" and it'll give you the best summary of Bataille for the pertinent current Bataille studies. Then I'd check out the October group and their writings on Bataille (e.g. Hollier). Hollier has a good book too called "Against Architecture" which is really influential. Also check out Krauss' "Formless: A Users Guide."
  5. Smarf

    DnG Books

    You gotta know people. Like me. PM me your email. I think I have a few invites left.
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  7. It's not that it would be disjointed, it's that what you were saying has nothing to do with Derrida's hauntology.
  8. Not entirely. It's about the specters of Marx, in the plural, which is one of the most important points. Hauntology deals much more with the promise of an undeconstructible justice and "democracy to come." It deals with discussing the messianic promise of Marxism. What you're describing has almost nothing to do with the logic of the specter. Especially since messianism without a messiah deals entirely with what is always to come, a to come which underlies and makes disjoint any concept of the present, the future, or the past. Even the idea of having an alternative is kind of problematized by the book.
  9. Or don't read kritiks that link to "kritikal affs." Instead, research specific affs or specific theories and make criticisms directly to them. This leads to substantially better debates and usually fairs better argumentatively. Example, Against Deleuze affs that argue for rhizomatic micropolitical movements? Read Spivak's critique of Deleuze's conception of the subject. Against Lacan? Read Deleuze's critique of Lacan. Against hypervisibility? Read Baudrillard's critique of the image which deals specifically with this question and has the opposite alternative. Against Baudrillard? Read Baudrillard.
  10. Just drop the mic and leave the room to smoke.
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    Nevermind I'm dumb
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    Who is a mod I can get in contact too? I can't seem to find a list
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