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  1. Title says it all, I'm looking for a file that has the core hegemony good/bad file and why they're good/bad. The main thing i want to is also answers to pretty much every thing you could reas like if they read heg bad becasue of GPW, I want to have cards answering it. Thanks
  2. If someone has these files id like to trade for them too
  3. can someone please explain to me what a floating pic is and how to attack/defend one?
  4. no, i need it for my neg strat, if you know anywhere id appreciate it.
  5. Can some one point me to where there are cards attacking an SBSP asteroids add on solvency. Thanks in advanced
  6. I'm looking for some De-dev files mainly, but would also like to try some new unusual DA's at my next tournament (states) so if anyone wants to trade, PM me.
  7. I'd also be open to this new aff. Let me know,
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