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  1. Truly an awesome database codyarmstrong, thanks!
  2. Okay, so all of the "Help Cutting Cards" topics I read start with "First, find a good article and source" or something along those lines. My problem is how do you do that. Take the Federalism DA and HSR links. How do you find something so specific like that? Thanks for the help!
  3. K, I was already thinking of switching to Port security. Thanks.
  4. Are there any cards out there saying that HSR will not be open to terrorism? Are there any cards saying HSR will be safe from terrorism with the right precautions?
  5. So Nietzche's philosophy is that to embrace life in its totality. You can't have fun without boredom at times etc. Am I correct? By the way, I heard about "watching Fox News" in a debate I was viewing this year. Am I out of the debate loop or is that a somewhat common saying? It came up in a K about there being no inherent value to life. It could just be a crazy coincidence and I sound like a complete idiot.
  6. I was contemplating using port security as my affirmative case. I was wondering what a starting point would be for answering the security K. Thanks!
  7. http://www.fastcoexist.com/1678408/building-roads-that-work-for-animals-and-people Plan: The United States federal government should substantially increase its investment in animal crossings to limit animals' death by vehicles. Advantage 1: Animals are super cute, we don't want them to die. Advantage 2: Animal deaths cause greater risks of extinction, roads specifically designed to help animals will limit extinction chances.
  8. Would a car in and of itself be transportation infrastructure? If not, a flying car aff would not work alone.
  9. I think when using this as an aff case you would need to say also why homeless people matter, the neg will say there is no purpose to implement the plan because homeless people don't play any key roles in society. This would be an interesting case though.
  10. Glad it has potential, I hope I am wrong because I want a fun debate year.
  11. People will say terms like "Manned" and "Mankind" exclude women from space. Heternormativity will be only shown in space in the masculine sence.
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