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  1. have you guys found any solid solvency advocates for a science coop (I'm interested in specifically medical coop) with Mexico or Cuba? This is the one gap of my research that I'm looking to fill.
  2. I prefer to believe that all policy debaters are just genuinely nice people. http://i.imgur.com/8ZYNp.gif
  3. gosh im so glad cross-x exists, you guys are cool. I was primarily looking for these cards as part of a kritikal sci education advantage, but I definitely see it working as an excellent 2ac addon/block. thanks again
  4. just wondering if anyone had any science, sci education/inspiration, sci thought, or quantum 'exploration' good cards/blocks. there must have been stuff from the space topic, but I just can't find anything that is general enough to be used for this year. thanks debate comunitie!
  5. Is it just "the 2AR is a lying bastard" typed over and over?
  6. does wildlife not excite you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ9CE0NZai0
  7. please disregard the video in the post above, he completely butchers the delicate German pronounciation. This is the correct version:
  8. thanks for the links, they will help tremendously. now to the far more important matter: are you guys sure there actually is an oxford comma? while it seems to be there according to a few sources, this seemingly official rez announcement doesn't have it: http://www.nfhs.org/content.aspx?id=8374 we must know. for the righteous truth.
  9. I'm probably not looking hard enough, but are there any debate-specific or not-debate-specific overviews of this topic out there? I want something to give our underclassmen debaters to pique their interest, or at the very least, provide them with some history or background information on Latin America. Thanks guys. oh, this is completely random, but is there actually an oxford comma in the rez? or is that just a typo I've been seeing everywhere, including on the cross-x forum header? I just have to know- obvs my 400 page oxford comma T file depends on it
  10. I have a decent wildlife crossings aff too, and if you are interested, a green infrastructure aff that evolved from it
  11. im interested! can we see a toc?
  12. yeah, we essentially did the same thing as backcountryguy. warming/biod are like the political manifestations of anthro- which I believe is an excellent way to sell K affs to traditional judges. so has anyone else incorporated Heidegger into this aff? any advice would be appreciated, especially anything beyond sticking a tech shell into the 1AC.
  13. wait I'm curious- is it a univeresal sentiment that wildlife crossings is a stupid aff? or do you guys just not like it?
  14. We have a sophomore on our team who was an ld novice at a different school last year, and is doing policy this year. for our local circuit, it was really up to tournament directors to say whether he was allowed to debate novice or not. However, for the state tournament next week, he can only compete on the var level. that's great and all, but our school is considering competing in a nat circuit tournament this year (we never done this before), and was wondering whether he could debate on the novice level in national tournaments. thanks guys
  15. ^this should be everyone's motto from now on. "you either die a tool or live long enough to see yourself become a debater." *gasp*
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