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  1. I have been trying to think of a good neg strategy against these two affs but so far Im not comfortable with anything I have. Please help me with some good things to run against it. aff #1- The United States federal government should substantially increase its EcoGov2 environmental governance programs for the area referred to as Egypt by shifting United States neoliberal efforts to environmental governance. advantage 1 save the trees advantage 2 coral reefs aff #2- Female Genital Mutilation-reduction programs have been identified as democracy assistance for years; but are piecemeal and inadequately funded. advantage 1 SECOND, FGM IS DEHUMANIZATION – CHILDREN ARE PUT THROUGH TERRIBLE PROCEDURE THAT KILLS THE GIRLS AND THE CHILDREN THEY WILL DELIVER advantage 2 Traditional understanding of warfare as great power conflict of nations over territory contributes to the invisibility of an ongoing systemic war against women advantage 3 patriarchy (makes war inevitable, nuclear war etc..)
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